Finding yourself – the art of manliness

July 4, 2016

The natural desire of the human mind is to become a rare, unique and beautiful person…this is natural….even trees and animals all in their own way aspire to such qualities – to become beautiful….considered exceptional….and special in the eyes of others – so it’s quite natural for man to aspire towards prestige, wealth, influence, power….just to be special.

Observe those around you….don’t judge….just look….everyone is aspiring very diligently to be special in his or her own way…the guy who pumps iron in the gym and admires himself before the mirror…he is working hard to be special….even the tea auntie who cleans up the office pantry and empties the trash…aspires to be special in her own little way.

That is the human condition – the mind is always shoveling coal into the furnace of the ego. And as soon as that things which one once covets or aspires towards loses it’s allure – then again the ego begins to find yet more inventive new ways to enhance the self – this is a form of religion….it even has a spiritual dimension to it….don’t think when a man or woman is just browsing a new iPhone – it’s just a product…or a thing. No! It’s much more….it’s a transcendental experience where he or she sees himself or herself as not just possessing an object with chips and wires….it’s an amulet of power….like the magic mirror….where one may ask – who is the fairest of them all? And the mirror can always be counted to reply…..YOU!

So now you see the illusion that is interwoven into the folds of human existence….now you know why people think and do the things they do.

By having this simple insight…the key to self discovery will suddenly appear in one’s hand like magic and one is able to unlock the door of mystery….and once one enters this special room of all desires upon desires……one can only reach the sudden realization – ‘hey! What’s the big deal? Then one will begin to rest and even take comfort and rest in ordinariness…..while everyone else in the whole world is running around like headless chickens.


‘There are three qualities in a man that one should be mindful of – I say this for I believe be fact and as a warning to those who are running their own enterprise…..yes it is a warning….and knowing of thing, even a dangerous one is insight!

Just as a skilled swordsman never unsheathe his weapon wantonly or at the slightest provocation or to show off and ALWAYS keeps it in it’s scabbard….these are signs of a very accomplished swordsman.

Do not be afraid of the man who waves his sword as if it’s regularly used to chop firewood – he’s just full of hot air.

Be mindful and guarded of the quiet one…the silent one who pretends not to hear….listen or even see and is simply content to go about business.

In the same way in business and personal relationships, be very mindful of three qualities in a man.

The first is….this man is very comfortable with himself – that’s to say, you will rarely ever find him talking about himself…..instead you will find that all his attention is on ONLY you.

So the onus is on you to ask – how did he develop this skill? After all everyone aspires to be special…unique….loved….respected and some even like to be venerated even when they are dead…they still seem to live on like Elvis…..but this man is quite content to just be ordinary…why?

How did he develop this skill? Under what conditions are such skill sets necessary?

This is a sign of mastery over the self…this is a sure fire sign this man is also knowledgeable in the art of war. That is to say the enterprise of waging war is a theoretical science and he’s very accustomed to reining in his emotions be it in the form of impulsiveness and anger – so this man has bothered with the education of knowing himself….and IF he can do this, he probably knows you as well!

Every aspect of you! That is to say he even knows what you are likely to do under X,Y or Z conditions – that’s dangerous!

This is a very dangerous quality in a businessman….as their mastery over their thoughts is so total and complete that it is virtually impossible to entice him with greed, lust, flattery ,power, prestige etc etc….these category of men know ALL these to be what it is – illusions…..mirages….lies that have nothing whatsoever to do with the truth!

So they see the world clearly….objectively….without a trace of emotional… is cold…calculated and very precise.

The second attribute, observe his features…no I don’t mean just look causally, but really scrutinize every aspect of this man’s face – you will find many scars….they may be hidden, but it is all there….again this is a sign that he is accustomed to hardship and adept in the art of war. Never use threats on such a man….should you be foolish to be believe he can be broken….it is only because he is pretending to lick his wounds. When in fact this variety of man can just as well kill you and bury you in the woods and go back home and whip himself a delightful spaghetti and eat it while watching TV.

Remember a scar…is just not a scar….it is an experience that acquiants one with pain, deprivation and humiliation….that is why it is no accident why so many leaders have been incarcerated in jail or were once tortured…they all have many scars….so these men you must be careful of.

The third is the man who does not appear to care about wealth, prestige, influence or even power….when one looks at this man, it seems, he just wants to disappear into oblivion – it’s as if he has managed to successfully detach himself from even worldly affairs and is simply content to live one day at a time….this is the most dangerous category of men in business.

As not does this ONLY demonstrate he has acquired full mastery over the self….but most importantly he is the ‘awakened’ one – he is of this world, but he is also not…by this contradiction – I mean, he is there, but at the same time somewhere else. This concept is very hard to explain..zanshin…awareness……but in the way of the sword, Kendo…such a supreme state of mind is known as the shadow warrior mind…you feign an attack, he sees right thru it and doesn’t respond in the way you expected…….you search his eyes intently for purpose, but all you seem to be able to discover is your own insecurity and uncertainty as you struggle to find a way thru the impenetrable……it’s as if he knows you so very well that he has been there….yes, where you are…every thought that you are about to conceive before, during and after has already been rendered transparent…..that is why in the eight dan of Kendo – it is not unusual to see two exponents with swords drawn….yet they are not moving…they are static….but actually they are in another realm of consciousness where each is trying his very best to defeat not the body or even the spirit, but the mind – for many years I did not understand…I used to look at them and turn to the others and exclaim – what is this! Why don’t they get on with it!…and the elders will always rebuke me with stern disapproving looks. Now that I know – this speaks of supreme mastery over mind, body and spirit.

The awakened state…..complete…total presence of mind with the unity of body and spirit.

Beware of these three attributes in a man during your business encounters….and always remember business is war! It’s weirding ways must always be studied and researched diligently.’

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