Do one thing ONLY at a time

July 7, 2016

One thing at a time, not two, three or even four….one only, and that very act of dedicating oneself to ONLY doing one thing may appear deceptively simple to do – but it is not!

Not at all!

A friend asked me one day – how to come to terms with my overblown ego? I asked him does one go about eating an elephant? Do it in one go and you may either choke to death or your stomach may explode….cut it into little pieces….just try your very best to practice humility for one hour every day….that is all.

Do just that ONE thing!

Start there…once you can do effortlessly…then come and look for me again…we will go to another thing, but start with that ONE thing first.

One step at a time….one thing only, not two, three, four or five!

For example if you drive a taxi for a living, just dedicate all of yourself to getting to the destination safely….does the passenger look familiar? Will he give you a big tip? Or will he lodge a complain?

Not important….

Same with the way of the silent death – the bow hunter. There is a monster owl that is flying into my birdhouse and gobbling all my swiflets – but how does one go about taking out such a cunning predator… know it’s not like the movies….where the hunter stalks the prey doing five and six things at the same time… strike decisively with only one arrow at such a masterful predator… first begins by doing one thing.

Creating the perfect conditions to take that one shot!

Even before that there are other small steps….one must understand the way of the monster night bird…it’s Tao….method….modus…’s very hot these days. In the day time, the ground is baked like bricks…..especially the hill top, this is the only reason why the monster owl is now flying to the hill to stalk my birds…. where the residue heat continues to radiate out thru even the cool of the night, it’s different from the shady lowlands – he is invisible here…he has no thermal signature when the surroundings are radiating so much heat…that is why the monster bird is hunting here at night……remember one thing only at a time…..but the hill top is not easy for a bird of prey to fly thru….the ground is not level, the fronts are everywhere….it must proceed slowly…weaving in and out…owls have the superpower of silent flight, but when they have to weave in and out, they are noisy…I will be able to hear his approach….stage by stage….each time flying and perching….once the coast is clear, he moves on, each time closer, maybe four five times….

Remember one thing only at a time.

A failing common to all owls is when it perches on a front – it poops, that’s it’s way thereby leaving white marking….and since it has grown accustomed to this flight path…it’s unlikely to vary.

Remember one thing only at a time.

So I will search out for it’s droppings…..once I have discovered it…I will secret myself some distance away – it cannot be too near….owls have FLIR, a sort of thermal vision, so I light candles to confuse him…six will do….six is just enough to confuse him momentarily..that is when I will strike when it’s head is turned away from me…but damn….it cannot be too far either – as this time of the year, the eastern winds blow hard only at night…..that may carry my arrow too far left…the shot has to be taken at 100 feet, set at a poundage of 60 kilos with a 17 grain bullet tipped….anything else is no good….the monster bird is just too sly, besides he has the advantage in sight, hearing and stealth – all I have is ONE thing….surprise….providing I can confuse him….I don’t need a lot of time…just a while will do….it’s no good to try a long shot – he will pick up the hiss of the speeding arrow and bolt…nearer is not possible either…no way…100 feet is good…100 feet gives me a clear shot even with the very faint moon light….one shot.

It all begins and ends with only ONE thing….


‘Multi tasking is a very stupid philosophy that is just pretending to be clever involving the sheen of dexterity, the ability to improvise and above all mental agility – I personally don’t know a single millionaire who multi task…and I know many….but I know many bankrupts and people who are going around in small and big circles who multi task all the time.

Don’t believe me. Then just observe……look….look without judging how so many people are fiddling with their smart phones when ALL they really should be doing is doing what they should do – like walking, driving, enjoying a meal, taking in the beauty of sights and sounds, being fully engaged with their loved ones – so these days….the idea of juggling ten or more things in your head and being scattered brained is really quite a normalize thing….it has become the new normal aka how one should live – it has become a way of life that is so pervasive that we don’t even feel the need to press the pause button and interrogate it further – hence it is very seldom for one to come across people who only dedicate themselves to doing one thing at a time these days……

People with such attitudes today are labelled as inflexible….inefficient…..ineffective….incapable of adapting to change etc etc.

They are looked on with derision and contempt.

Can you now see how crazy the world has become? Or maybe you don’t – as the world has a way of rendering something mad as very sane…..witch hunting along with book burning was once considered perfectly sane!

Why am I sharing this with you? Because to only do one thing at a time and to only move on to another once that thing is completed is considered abnormal these days – so when you commit yourself to this discipline of life – don’t think you are walking beside many – no you will walk alone, neither will you find a ready-made path either. It is not cheap to understand the wisdom of this philosophy of doing only one thing at a time…..but that should not be surprising as for one to reach the ultimate realization of the truth usually it’s requires dedication and effort. But once you begin this journey, you would have created a path….start there….do only one thing at a time!’

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