Psychological warfare

July 7, 2016

This afternoon a group of village elders who previously formed a cartel to stop me from buying more land paid me an unexpected visit – during the discussion one of them mentioned casually…what is the point of fighting…to which I sighed and mentioned in a sardonic tone….yes, I agree, but there is so much pain….to amplify the prevailing mood I even took out my hanky and sighed again only to murmur…so much pain….after that I reached for my chopsticks and turned the half eaten fish over. Many on the table were surprised as the side I had turned was only half eaten….then one of them asked, ‘we have not even begun feasting on the first side…why have you turned it over…I simply told him and others in a stern tone….yes, the fish looks whole now does it not…..but we all know it is half eaten on the other side….so now what are all expected to do? Do we eat this side and pretend that the other side is whole or should we finish what was first presented to us?

They all looked down in supplication – it is after all a metaphor from the old country, things only appear to look good on one side, but it is all bones on the other side….the accounts are yet to be settled.

That was when I turned to the cook and ask him to remove the fish…..those who know the language of the old country will know what this means….those who do not will simply think me wasteful…..many things can be said, but let us stop here….some things in life are best left to the imagination.

Words are truly meaningless at times like this.


‘Be respectful to people and their ways….be courteous….when we speak about a man being elegant….it is all about showing respect, courtesy and giving others the benefit of good light – do not look down on others just because you happen to believe you may be one rung up the ladder in life when compared to them. As one day…..even the humblest can lord over you….but do not cheapen yourself either with bull shit modern new age philosophies of forgive and forget for the sake of just forgiving and forgetting….after all how much sense does that make?

You mean to say, you can take pot shots at me and I will just turn the other cheek and slink back into my kennel like a whipping dog.

Who put that fuck idea in your head! Who?

Who actually taught you that!

No! I will study you and when the time is right I will strike decisively without warning….or threaten too at least to negotiate for terms in my favor forcefully – my point is never just let things slide, all this new age talk about letting go is self serving nonsense. Nonsense about freeing yourself from anger and resentment it gets you absolutely no where in business – it’s an act of narcissism to feed a bankrupted soul.

The man who knows the art of war knows this well – he will never ever give one millimeter without ever securing a concession from the other side.

When he is transgressed….he will seek of course the law….but if the law does not give him justice….then what is he supposed to do? Sit down, drink his coffee, read the papers and pretend that life is normal?

What sort of nonsense would that be? How is any man supposed to go thru life with dignity and self respect IF he just let’s things slide.

Coming to think of it – who was the idiot who said that by forgiving one is able to free oneself….

In life you only get what you are willing to stick your neck out and negotiate for – no one will give you anything for free or out of good will or just because they like the color of your shirt, that only happens in the movies….that idea doesn’t exist and even if it did someone…somewhere is getting a piece of you….Trust just don’t know about it that is all.

So never cheapen yourself….if the other side once made your life miserable – negotiate hard and hold your ground and be very firm….where possible seek restitution in the law…if the law is toothless then improvise – this way, even if they don’t respect or like you…at least they will fear you…and that for lack of a better word is a form of respect.

That way people will never take a bite out of you again….as they know you can hit them very hard.

Trust me life is not simple where you believe good things can ever come on the cheap or without you at least sticking your neck.

This is the difference between a man and a fool – the fool ALWAYS expects the best from others …the man of wisdom however only knows he will get what he is prepared to negotiate hard for and he will be firm and very assertive.’

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