The habit of being thrifty

July 9, 2016

Being thrifty has nothing whatsoever to do with counting pennies or being a miser…To me it’s just a very effective life hack to maximize your return on your investment – that means I NEVER ever spend money impulsively on nonsense like fridge magnets, snacks, soft drinks, colorful cactus, dinky toy dogs and useless stuff that I know will just end up one box where a lot of stuff that I goes to die …nor to I load on on useless and low quality stuff either…when I decide to buy something, usually it’s the best….price is never an issue…branding is immaterial (my shoes are handmade in Calcutta using the best leather I order from Japan), quality, reliability, durability and ease of maintain is all that matters to me….that is all being thrifty really means.


‘I bet you’ve never ever heard of Nepros screwdrivers before…machinist use them, so do Formula 1 mechanics and technicians that maintain aircraft – best in the world…doesn’t turn into mush after ten applications, as it’s manufactured from the highest grade tempered steel…good to go forever.

My point is I don’t buy fifty or sixty screw drivers in my lifetime – I only buy it once…that’s it….finish…end of story….the alpha and omega.

That to me is thrift! Wasteful people who regularly suffer from chronic cancer of wallet – they buy one screw driver ever year and most of the time it’s just piled up in a mess with other useless tools in a rusty box…but not me.

My watch. Rolex no date submariner – very expensive, but my version is a tool watch previously issued to French military divers….it’s old, but it’s tuned to perfection every three years to keep within + /- 10 seconds in month.

Only one….good to go in the field and even sartorially correct for a night out in a black tie function….that’s thrift….I don’t do stupid things like visit the watch shop to change batteries every three months….to me that is wasteful….wasteful.

Torch light. Nitecore. Best in the world…used by Militaries and even NASA…not cheap at all, very expensive, but these are instruments, not torch lights….that’s the only exception, where I have six for various applications….only once. I never go for the made in China, buy six or seven times a year variety that let’s you down when you most need it!

Coffee maker…Bialetti classic, design has not changed for nearly fifty years…plenty of spare parts…only once…use it everyday…never failed to produce the best brew in the world.

Bicycle. Don’t see me changing parts every week or adding useless stuff for blink sake – everything is functional / other people ride with 27 / I ride with 26 extra big tires all set up minimally on a titanium frame set….buy only once.

That’s my point. Buy the best. Give it the care and respect it deserves and it will serve you a life time….that to me is the definition of thriftiness.

Like I said, I am not the sort of man who buys screw drivers every three months.’

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