Being thrifty – part 2

July 10, 2016

Being thrifty does not make one popular (that could perhaps supply an explanation why I was never ever got a single date in my campus days) – being thrifty is these days considered abnormal. This is only to be expected. Especially in the city, where everyone is living in a society of perpetual consumption. Hence most people are culturally and intellectually cut off from understanding the wisdom of thriftiness. The mind numbing marketing manifesto worships unmitigated consumption….it even encourages it… this and you can be him. But if one is able to press the pause button in the head….then one can certainly ask, what does Calvin Klein men’s briefs have to do with a six pack? Can you see the torrent that is pumped out by the juggernaut marketing monsters. Hence it is not unusual, not at all for many to be enamored and to even admire those who seem to be able to buy and satisfying their needs….under those mind altering conditions, it is even understandable why so many people have fallen into the mind trap of materialism. Because society has successfully sold us all the idea – to be happy, healthy and living a purpose driven life……it’s ALL premised on being able to buy things that we don’t really need.


‘Whenever I am in the field….I eat only once a day. I have two cups of coffee in the morning. The rest of the day I drink only water. I don’t snack in between. Never…when I return from the field. I take shower. Cook and eat like a king….I eat only once a day.

I developed this habit as I spend a lot of time with tribal people deep in the wild – no one that I have ever known who is untouched by the grubby hands of the ‘civilized’ world….eats three or four times a day! I have never in my whole entire life ever met a tribal man or woman who is ALWAYS eating all the time…..they eat only one meal in the evening…it’s a big meal..what I call a ‘knock out’ feast where after consuming the meal, one is not able to move at all!

In tribal society that sort of diet is not unusual….coming to think of it, even animals don’t eat all the time….it’s not possible. As there is no refrigeration and food is hunted.

Even my dogs don’t get fed everyday – the meals are random and for days they go without food….as I find when they feed regularly at a specific time….they always seem to be in a stupor and they all seem to die faster.

My point is man is not supposed to eat three or four times a day – this habit of consuming food is an accretion of ‘civilized’ and modern living – that is why in the city, you find so many fat people – there are no fat people in the wild….so the idea of being thrifty does not necessarily involve HOW you spend money….it also applies to how you see yourself in relation to the whole idea of consumption.

For me I find when I only eat one meal a day…I am much more alert. My senses are very acute….I can even pick up microscopic alterations in the atmosphere….everything is sharp, defined and purposeful…like a hunter in the wild.’

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