How to deal with ignorant people effectively

July 10, 2016

Not very long ago…a man told me that he felt that I was stupid not to make the effort to get along with those who recently set up a cartel to stop me from buying more land.

He rebuked me for my foolishness and stubbornness…I simply murmured, ‘yes…perhaps you are right.’

Then this man began to recount how I had deviously flooded their lands last year by secretly diverting the raging river….again I murmured, ‘yes….perhaps you are right.’

After that he capped it all by accusing me for being a snide person who refuses to koy tow to the forces that be…again I murmured I, ‘yes…perhaps you are right.’

Thereafter I excused myself politely by informing him that I needed desperately to take a shit.

He was dumbfounded….but perhaps, he too may have been right to react in the way he did.


‘Understand this! Understand it clearly for what it is and not what you want it to be or what others say it is – The less people know, the more stubbornly they will hold on to it – that is the nature of ignorance – that which I have just described is the very nucleus of ignorance… do not waste your mental bandwidth on ignorant people – remember always in the course of a day, there is only X space in your mind….fill it with nonsense and you too will be a nonsensical fellow… five bars on battery time on your phone…be mindful of this constraint and bottle neck….use your mind effectively.

If you choose to argue a point to it’s logical end – do it only people to who you respect and believe to me honorable and important to you…they are worth it! All the time ….otherwise let the ignorant say and think whatever they want….in this world – one can only control one’s thoughts….only a fool tries to control what others may say or think. Besides ignorant people are inconsequential – that is the elemental nature of ignorance, it’s a useless….worthless and wasteful use of the brain – so what good if can possibly come out of it? Nothing! As something can never come out of nothing.

Remember you only have X or Y time on this earth – thereafter it is gone….use it wisely, don’t waste it on trying to persuade ignorant people that the world is round especially when they believe wholeheartedly it is flat like a pizza.

Let them say and think what they like…..better still give them your blessing – do what makes you happy!

This is what the wise always do – they always conserve their energy….as they know it SHOULD only be use for worthy pursuits….not stupid things like discussing how many angels can one fit on a head on a pin head!’

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