The art of appreciating REAL beauty

July 11, 2016

Two years ago I came across a young girl who was sitting all by herself and crying on my lands…..when I asked why have you come here. The girl wiped her tears and told me, this is the most desolate place in the whole wide world….as no one from the village dares to come here…they say, the devil lives here…that is why I am here….to be all alone in my sorrow.

After that the girl sat down, looked down and curled up her feet….I know….she was trying to make her feet look smaller. I have heard of this girl in the village who is known for having unusually large feet….they call her Yeti….others…elephant feet….tree foot.

The girl began to recount how she had overheard her parents and relatives discussing her ugly feet…how they had even said, it’s impossible for her to find a decent man with those ridiculously large feet…..this was the reason why she had come here.

That was when I knelt down before this girl and asked her in a calm voice – please take off your shoes….I want to see your beautiful feet.

From that day onwards she told everyone in the village – the man who lives on the hill, says I have the most beautiful feet in the world….not ordinary feet like most girls, but the big and knobby type that he prefers to have fitted on his car…the man who lives on the hill says one day a man of great wisdom will also see them as the most beautiful thing in the world and I should not hide them… these are not ordinary feet – they are unstoppable under all forms of terrain and weather conditions – the type of feet that is so rare that it is the most beautiful feet he has ever seen before – she even posted her feet on Instagram with me kneeling to admire them – gone was her sense of shame….gone completely was her lack of confidence….and not long after that as I predicted – an appreciator of big things (presumably big feet as well). A businessman who owns a fleet of tractors and excavators (obviously a sensible man who knows the value of how only a woman with big feet can lug up a 50kg bag of fertilizer up a 45 degree slope) sent a matchmaker to the girl’s family – he offered a dowry of four acres of prime durian orchard and a brand new Toyota Vios for her hand.

Till today this dowry has never be bettered….


‘Craftsmen, writers, poets, painters, musicians, dancers, singers, artist – ALL without a single exception seem to have a sensitivity that they can feel beyond the body…mind…and soul.

To these category of people – what is before them is a transcendal experience….observe carefully when a musician plays an instrument, he or she is in another realm….another world….if you’re not in the flow of this spiritual river…you cannot be part of that world, you are merely looking in from the outside.

This is how these category of people see the world – as a world within the world.

They can sense the various nuances of the mind like the many colors on a rainbow…they are even conscious with the slight pull and tug of the heart…as they are very sensitive. This is because they have the power to see, hear and reflect on things that most people are oblivious too.

This should prompt us to ask the questions – why can’t most people experience the beauty of this other world that is tremendously edifying and nourishing to their mind, spirit and soul?

I believe it is because we have all been conditioned to perceive beauty and everything under the sun as ONLY a very vapid and superficial and shallow thing – that is why it is very hard to enter into this other realm.

How? When if one simply observes everything of the world is at war with the idea of the individual….THEY tell you what is good as mothers milk! THEY have even successfully sold you THEIR conception of beauty….this is not a conspiracy, there is no evil billionaire stroking a cat and making all this happen – it’s just the way the world is….it has to keep defining what is good for you….without that first notion being planted in your head like a seed, they cannot possibly create desire….without desire, there can be no consumption and without consumers there can be no such thing as the marketing manifesto… we are of the world, it’s in our head. Even I am of the world….but it is only a question of degree.

So for one to step into it the other world….that beautiful world – it is not a matter of having to upload new knowledge, information, life hacks or data. Neither does it involve learning anything new at all – rather it involves unlearning and forgetting and consciously setting aside many of the programming the world has deposited in the folds of our mind….in some cases the conditioning is so all pervasive that what we see is not truly ours to call our own…..but we believe it truly to be ours! – we only think it comes from deep within us…that it has been synthesized by our brain, but in reality it has been put there by others… if you happen to be a young man who wants to go places and your friends and colleagues ask you what is your life plan? Please don’t tell them you want to be a farmer….they will think you are mad….they will institutionalize you and the next thing you know, you will end in the IMH….and the only thing you will be farming is fungus…..just pretend to be like everyone….that was what I did.

It is only when a man is able to free himself from the gravity of the world – that constantly tells him….this is what you must have to be successful!….this is how you should behave, if you want that……this is no good, that is very good!….do this, not that….and this conditioning is very powerful….it is relentless…24/7….and omnipresent.

But when a man is able to step out beyond the hold of the plastic world…into that other beautiful and real world…he will experience…feel..see…and above all understand things for what they really are….as for what others may say or think…this man cares very little.’

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