The mind that is constantly chasing it’s own tail

July 11, 2016

Last week one of the village elders who is part of a cartel to stop me from buying more land….came up to me and said, ‘you told us, you were planning to sell your land and move out!….now it seems you have bought more land.’

I looked at him squarely and told this man whose expression hung with an air of expectancy…..’I said no such thing….that was what you all assumed.’

Thereafter I excused myself cordially and walked right out into the world… was another beautiful day.


“Whatever happens around you, NEVER take it personally…as nine out of ten….it probably has something to do with other people’s life narrative of how they NEED to see themselves in relation to others and the world – Yes! We all a live a life based on a narrative – wordsmithed by the many alphabets of the many assumptions we often make of ourselves and others….you do it…even now when you are reading this….somewhere at the back of your head, you’re asking – what is this man who owns this blog writing about….why does he put so much effort into what he is doing…what is his goal….what does he want from me?

People do this all the time and so do I….they are evil…there is no malevolence….that’s just part and parcel of the human condition – but since I am conscious of how the vast majority of humanity intrinsically NEEDS a narrative like oxygen, water and food to survived….since I am fully and completely aware of WHY he needs so many of his assumptions (real or imagined) to enable him to strive to live a life that he considers meaningful….useful….productive…purpose driven – I am acutely conscious of this human flaw more than most people – that is how I see it…each of us have our own life narrative…it’s like a well trodden path that we walk by every day without us even consciously realizing it….there are even features in this path or narrative, a tree between two lamppost, a bench that we may even take a rest before resuming our journey to where we want to go in life – that is why if there is little or no information, it’s very unnatural for man to suspend disbelief – it’s like suddenly walking down that sane path one day and noticing the tree or park bench is gone or either in the wrong place – so what we usually do instead is fill up that blank space with something – when we do this, we make assumptions about events, people and what may or may not happen – that assumption has nothing whatsoever to do with reality or even the truth, it’s main purpose is to fulfill our need to know and to replace the incomprehensible with something that doesn’t have the power to disturb….this is the intrinsic nature of man. Even should he hear something that he can’t possibly make head or tail about…the need to understand is so powerful that ultimately he will make a assumptions….like I said, it’s got nothing to do with reality or the truth…it’s a deep yearning to understand even if we don’t have all the information too – and given more time that assumption is transformed into their version of the truth – hence man becomes the manufacturer of his own truth and lies….this is why I say everyone has a narrative….a path that they have to walk ONLY because man doesn’t have either the courage, patience or wisdom wait for the truth to emerge.”

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