Beware of beautiful women…..

July 13, 2016

Yesterday I went down to town to run a few errands – you know pay the bills, stock up on frozen food, dog food etc etc…while lunching all by myself. A very beautiful woman came over and took a seat on my table….now that would be mucho strange, but since the restaurant was filled to the brim that day. I considered it quite normal…soon she started to introduce herself…I did the same and a conversation of sorts ensued….a pleasant conversation….one that proceeded with long pauses, where from time to time she would look at me and just smile.

At some point during lunch I excused myself to go to the gent’s….when I returned. The lady was gone, so was a folder that I had carried into the restaurant placed on the chair…the content of the folder contains everything, scaled maps clearly marked with highlighters of the lands I plan to buy, landscaping plans which were planned for the rain season, road maps that I had surveyed, excel spreadsheets detailing every aspect of my entire expenditure for the entire calendar year, bank account details along with private transactions that if they fell into the wrong hands would render me completely transparent….naked….out in the cold.

I smiled supremely as I looked on at the scene…rather strange don’t you think so… see it’s very simple really – I have known for quite a long time my business rivals are very desperate to know what my plans are…..they need to know what I am planning to plan to interdict….intercept….counterattack….that is how the game is played – the folder that was taken are all dead ends….they all convoluted routes that lead to doors that open to another door and another and to no where – as for the bank accounts they all belong to the most accomplished Nigerian con men in the whole wide world.

Mission accomplished….now all I have to do is sit back and wait for all those dead ends to go right back to the war room of my business rivals like time bombs.

It’s very satisfying….as I spend days, weeks and even months preparing this folder…and every detail is so realistic and meticulously out that it’s perfect…..but business rivals don’t seem to get it….No!….they’ve missed it the whole point….you see it’s very simple really – it’s not HOW one plays the game the matters most…it’s really a case of how the game plays you!


‘In business when your rivals can’t seem to break thru no matter what they seem to do – ultimately, they will resort to sex.

Sex is very powerful that is why it’s not unusual to see buxom girls selling fertilizers – all they have to do is jiggle their papayas and say, ‘this will make your fruits big and juicy and heavy!’ – of course they’re referring to the products they’re marketing…what else could they be talking about. But you get my point…sex sells.

As it operates at a primal level of desire….yearning and fulfillment – there is no denying sex is a very powerful and effective crowbar – after all let us be honest about this and speak like men about it – it is what it is…so to say be mindful…be alert….if you cannot tahan (no power to resist) do this or that….really counts for nothing very much.

It is what it is – after all imagine to yourself, I am a man who is very far from home…’s only natural for me to have desires…to be touch and be touched. That is all I am prepared to share for the time being.

I don’t have any solution to this hubris….this shard of glass that is implanted in my head….I don’t….

My only solution is to follow the vampire rule, just before the sun goes down – go back home and switch off your mobile phone. Lock down – it’s automatic in my plantation safe house….once the timer reaches seven twenty…all the dead bolts are enabled…the doors cannot be open…unless, a complex override feature is activated. I never go out at night. I never break this discipline….never mix business with pleasure either….just lie down quietly in your vampire coffin and read a book….soon the sun will rise again and it will be another beautiful and safe day…..I am a soldier with a mission…failure is not an option…I must keep to the discipline.’

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