Being firm and assertive in Business

July 15, 2016

One of the reasons why I went into business and did not remain a salaried man – is because I derive a lot of satisfaction from giving those who work for and with me a very good deal!

I find that idea incredibly edifying as it sits perfectly inline with my personal philosophy – a man’s labor deserves the highest level of respect and dignity….and the best way for one to express this is by giving others their due for a job well done – hence the idea of dignity of labor is the corner stone of how I conduct my business.

But when I adopt this business outlook….it also means I like to get good a deal back in return as well.

And when I don’t.

I make it very clear to the other side where he’s fallen short or even ask for my money back.

The quality of stones the local quarry has been sending me is shit! I inspected them personally and rejected all ten lorries this morning, instructed all the gates to remain close. Eventually they made a u turn back to where they came from…later on, the boss called me up and told me in a condescending tone, that he was the only quarry around in a radius covering 84 kilometers…to put it another way…he was trying to play hard ball. So I told him in an impeccably calm and polite tone…please do not give me ideas about starting a quarry business…please I beg of you, because I genuinely want to be good and a source of joy and happiness to humanity….I really don’t want to be evil…I would appreciate it if you can consider what I just shared with you very seriously….the voice on the other side went dead silent thereafter.

Two hours later the lorries showed up at the at gate again – this time…they’re perfect.


‘If someone is not treating you fairly and respectfully…then they are taking advantage of you – when that happens, you must learn to say, this is not acceptable and even be prepared to walk away.

Because if you allow others to take advantage so much as even once – it doesn’t just stop there…as all you’re doing is painting a big bulls eye on your back for everyone else to do the same!

This is how people get bullied, victimized, used and abused…..without them even realizing it, they create the very conditions for grief…by looking the other way…keeping quiet, when they should stomp their feet and bang tables… being politically correct….they literally set themselves up for the fall etc etc

In business and even personal relationships if you don’t possess the discipline to walk right out of the door – then you will surely have to get used to worrying, suffering and getting shortchanged all the time… must be prepared to walk away.

Walking away may hurt…be very inconvenient and costly (as it doesn’t make economic sense to do so sometimes)…at times you may even go down for the count all bloodied… but at least you stuck to your motto of giving others a great deal and expecting the same from others….at least they and most importantly everyone else knows you’re a dead serious no nonsense fellow when it comes to translating your theory of how you manage yourself and others…’s not theoretical!

It is this or we go to war lah!

That is HOW discipline is maintained….granted you may not be popular….people may even decide to black ball you or make your life miserable….but at least you are able to broadcast to everyone that it pays out zero to give you a lousy deal!

As you learn to be comfortable with this idea…you will find that you don’t need to trust others as much as you need to trust yourself to give a great deal and receive one in return.’

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