July 15, 2016

Chaos is a word that is associated with fear and anxiety and everything that is negative about life – that I imagine is what the word chaos means to most people… a state of mind, it simply means that one is unable to comprehend a person, subject or situation…. that is all chaos really means as a state of mind…nothing more….one is merely standing before a row of alphabets that one does not understand….it can mean this or that or even anything under the sun….there is nothing to hold on too.

This is why chaos usually provokes fear and anxiety with egomaniacs and people who are accustomed to having their own way all the time…..

For the man who aspires to control nothing but only his thoughts – he will not run around like a headless chicken – he will simply sit down and look at the incomprehensible…..and usually in life when one does ONLY this….soon a pattern will emerge…a key will reveal itself and the door will open to knowingness.

This is the ultimate discipline of the mind.


‘It is impossible to be grounded and sane and calm when one does not make a conscious effort to control the ego – as the ego is a control freak. He is like one of those people who prefers to have things, people and events behave in their ‘rightful’ way all the time – the definition of ‘rightful’ means things, people and events MUST function in ONLY the way this ego archetypal sees the world…and since the ego centric archetypal believes he is always in control and command of everything under the sun….as soon as he comes face to face with the merest prospects of uncertainty in the form of chaos….a situation that cannot be controlled….he will suffer a nervous break down….malfunction and self destruct!

This is is what usually happens to egoistic people whenever they face a crisis……they cannot be cool under pressure. As to do that first requires the mental discipline to accept uncertainty and chaos as an indelible aspect of the human condition!

But a man who is always mindful of his destructive counterpart who is also an indelible man within the man…the man who is in all men, Mr Ego.

The egoless man knows only to well, he can control nothing whatsoever in this world….have I done everything to preempt La Niña….well I have done some right and wrong things….even then I can really be sure I can ride out this storm and come out of the other side unscathed….maybe if I am lucky, it will spit me out to the side like a seed….maybe I will have to roll with the punches…. the egoless man knows…all he can really hope to do successfully is control what is going on in between his two ears….he cannot control chaos…no one can, but it’s possible to control one’s response along with how best to make the best out of a shitty situation etc etc….do that ONLY…. and though one may stand right in the center of a chaotic storm….here, there is nothingness…push stillness while everything is in violent swirl.’

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