Learning to accept the good and bad

July 15, 2016

It may rain soon….maybe we will get a small shower in the next few days. Then again, it might be a big rain….it’s very hard to say with the weather being so crazy these days…..things may turn from bad to worse. Then again, it may get better or stay exactly the same….who really knows…but one thing is certain….life will go on….and I am glad to be part of this world.


‘If we genuinely strive to live as happy, healthy and well adjusted people – who possess inner wisdom to see living as a serious matter…..and NOT just something left to chance or the mumbo jumbo of fate and destiny.

Then there is no choice!

One must develop the discipline to ALWAYS be mindful of how the mind has a tendency of going round and round like a cat chasing it’s own tail….this is the nature of the mind…it’s like a river.

You want proof?

Simple. When one observes oneself and others carefully this becomes so very clear…..the first thing that one will discover is how so much of our expectant happiness, health and mental well being is premised on the many assumptions we choose to form about people and events and our objects of interest….it’s all based on ONLY that and very little else – from my years of study, this is the tap root of why so many people work themselves up to a frenzied state of anxiety and fear unnecessarily…..in some cases it paralyses them to a point where they can’t even step out of their comfort zone – to put it another way – they have developed the habit of chasing their own tails….without even realizing it.

And when one is going round and round, it’s impossible to be restful, peaceful and calm.

This state of mind is the reason why so many people take things personally…..feel insecure….become fearful….get angry and even plan to get even with those who…soon, they have fleshed out assumptions concerning that event, person or whatever piques their interest…usually that assumption is written in stone….in other words, they feel the pressure and need to justify everything, to explain and understand everything ranging from what was once mentioned, thought and written – they do all this in order to feel safe….secure and presumably to perpetuate what they see as their way of life.

But the world is not a laboratory – thoughts, events and even sequences of what may or may not happen cannot be reduced into a science……if one day a man slights me or decides to disrespect me….it may have nothing whatsoever to do with whether I have done something to incur his wrath….maybe he woke up from the wrong side of the bed that day…could be, something is eating him up from within….maybe even be he’s having a tough time at work. Do you see how one act, thought and even can even generate millions of possibilities along with questions that cannot possibly be answered…..because there are really so many things that are working to produce the final outcome….it’s exactly like the crazy weather we are experiencing right now….it’s impossible to say will happen for certain….even the experts don’t know….they can only speculate and even then it’s 50/50.

My point is don’t ever feel pressured or stressed out by what will or will not happen…..will things get better or will they take a turn for the worst…..will the new leap of faith in your new job you just signed up for be better than the rut that you’re in right now. Or will you just be jumping from one hot pot to another….will a meteorite the size of mall strike Singapore and wipe out everything?

It’s not important if the answer is correct….or wrong – what is jugular is only this: don’t make any assumptions….cross the river when you reach it….meanwhile just enjoy the view in the journey of life.

If you can just hold on to this thought long enough…today will be a beautiful day…..one day at a time…small steps.’

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