Maturity & Wisdom

July 16, 2016

Last week during a meeting with a cartel of landowners who had previously blocked me from buying more land. One of them who owns an oil mill asked me whether I would consider signing an agreement to sell him all my fruit exclusively…..I told him politely, I will have to consider.

One of them insinuated this is the price for peace….I turned to this fellow and told him….if this is your offer for peace…what then is the definition of war?

Thru out the entire meeting I kept replying….I will need time to consider.


‘Both maturity and wisdom have nothing whatsoever to do with age….having lived X number of years more than others doesn’t automatically confer one a higher quotient of maturity and wisdom.

I happen to know of many men and women who are older and claim to have a wider breadth of worldly experience….yet many of them seem to have the maturity and wisdom of twelve year olds.

Neither has maturity and wisdom got anything to do with good grades either…that’s intelligence….it has even less to do with how much money you have managed to accumulate in your life time or the whole idea of prestige or how well and good others regard you.

Again…this bears repeating only because it is a fact of life that is often misunderstood by so many – if that were really true, then how can one account for the contradiction where there are so many young men and women who seem to be more mature and wiser than those older than them?

I guess what I am trying to share here is my philosophy of how I see the whole idea of maturity and wisdom being inextricably linked to the concept of sustainability – but before I can explain the link…one must first understand the word sustainability has morphed into a prostitute word – one of those sobriquet terms of endearment that people just feel the need to add on as a prefix to come across as credible…sensible…wise etc etc – it’s one of those words that has been used and abused so often by crooked leaders, it’s evacuated of all intrinsic meaning – wonder no more why these days, it’s bandied around from everything ranging from farming, how to run your business to how to grow muscles and stay younger by opting to be a vegetarian.

So if you really want to understand the trilogy of maturity, wisdom and sustainability.

One first needs to reclaim the real meaning of the word sustainability – because when we talk about maturity and wisdom in the context of sustainability.

All we are really doing is creating the idea of a sustainable person – and that can never be a simple idea, it’s a variety of man who takes the trouble to go deeper into himself with the goal of coming full circle. That is essentially how I see a sustainable anything – it’s the imagery of a perfect circle – be it a sustainable enterprise that doesn’t burn out workers, sustainable relationships where both partners grow mentally and spiritually or even something as simple as preferring to carry your groceries with a hemp bag instead of a disposable plastic carrier.

It’s a circle…..not a dead end or a road that leads to the edge of cliff!

So when we speak about the sustainable man – it’s the idea of a man who goes deep into himself. So deep that he has discovered his core. When a man has reached the very center of his being, he can only mature and that leads to wisdom.

As that is the moment when the man whose always distracted by what others say, think or even believe about him disappears completely. Suddenly that whole great diffusion of worthless energy of wondering what he, she or they said about him becomes meaningless….nothingness.

This attitude is often mislabeled as arrogant and being opinionated….but it is NOT!

As when a man discovers his core….he takes full responsibility for his words, actions and thoughts – hence he lives his life under his own terms and doesn’t do stupid things like seek the self respect….approval….and validation of others….such a man is only accountable to the important things in this world and NEVER the worthless.

So to me maturity can never be an acquired state of mind or school of thought that you can upload into your brain – rather it’s a verb…a conscious act that one has to work towards like seeking out where X marks the spot on a treasure map….it’s not automatic.

Journeying into your inner core like an explorer requires diligence and quiet moments of introspection – it requires one to have a deep spirited conversation with the self – till one attains self discovery.

When this stage is attained, a person can only become very beautiful. As he or she is like a flower in full bloom. At the very zenith of it’s fragrance and completeness of form and that is the unabridged definition of beautiful.

This should be goal of every man in his life time.’

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