Putting one’s head in the sand

July 17, 2016

If the price for peace is so structured that it requires me to trust people who once conspired to ‘keep me in my place,’…..then it is simply another means to impose command and control over how I choose to run my business….then it is as good as offering another poison…a dead end…..there is no way out of this.

The only option is war!

I am so overstretched….I don’t nearly have the sort of network to make things happen without constant interference…there are systematic weaknesses within my enterprise that cannot suffer even so much as one minor hit….only tiny hit and I am well and truly out in the cold…fortunately no one knows this…fact is, the other landowners are much bigger…to deal with the ‘apparent threat’ they have combined together to create a super force now.

Should I be foolish to face off against such a formidable force head on….in the first six months, I will certainly be able to make it costly for them….in beginning I will win, win and win, but thereafter it will certainly be a conflict that will sap my resources to it’s very limits – and once that pivot point is breached….it will be a war of attrition…..defeat is a mathematical certainty.

I must not fall into this trap and only fight under my own terms…I must run deep and silent…..I must pretend that I am a wash out….put my tail between my legs and show everyone that I am shit scared or better still that I am a just an inconsequential fool….hardly a threat to anyone…except maybe myself.


‘No one desires conflict. Least of all me….but at times conflict is inevitable.

As by simply choosing to run an enterprise…..one has already by default taken an aggressive posture against the status quo ante….it could well be something as benign as starting a chicken rice shop opposite an existing one across the street or even a complex conflagration like what we are all witnessing in the Spratly islands.

At times conflict is inevitable…even if all you’re doing is going about your business as a taxi driver, office cookie cutter and normal human being with average expectations such as myself….trouble will come looking for you….how does one go about the business of negotiating a ‘live and let live’ pact with an office bully…an unreasonable boss or a leader who keeps resorting to nefarious means to stay in power?

How does one even begin the process of reasoning with people who believe they have a right to lord over me…and that I should only grow to this level and no more…How?

The recent attempted coup in Turkey is just one of many illustrations of how conflict can emerge right out of the blue….out of nowhere.

So this whole idea of denying the existence of conflict by putting one’s head in the sand by failing to acknowledge it’s existence or even bothering to craft a sensible way to manage oneself and others effectively in the face of conflict is unrealistic…..it’s new age bull shit to believe that everything is in the palm of one’s hand and that external factors do not have the power to inflict pain on one!

It’s bullshit!

At the nucleaus of every conflict lies the belief – everyone is the SAME….everyone aspires towards the SAME things in life and everyone can be managed the SAME way….this to me…at least is a summary of how the seeds of conflict are sowed industrially.

However if one can accept – people have different preferences how to live their life and actualize their dreams and aspirations along HOW they wish to live, work and play under ONLY their own terms…which may be different from our conception of what is good.

In perhaps the same way, I much prefer spicy beef spaghetti to a bowl of soupy wanton noodles…you much prefer to read self improvement books to fiction – my point is people will always be intrinsically different – what you think is right for you may not to be right for me….see my point?

When one forces…coerce…or manipulate others to follow ONLY one ideology, principle, belief and believe the ONLY there is only ONE way to live….one sows the seeds to conflicts because others will naturally resist!

However by accepting and internalizing the philosophy live and let live…we provision space for others by accommodating their differences along with allowing them to make their life choices by provisioning the widget space.

Always treat others the way you want to be treated.

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