Super rain?

July 18, 2016

July rains are usually very light and drizzly….but just after lunch today we had six inches of rain in just two hours!

On one hand I am gladden the rains have come early this year…the ground was beginning to crack due to the prolonged drought and unusually hot weather….now the earth is moisturized and temperature has gone down dramatically.

But too much rain is not a good thing – I fear….I may have started my road works too late…if this is the case then the arrival of the super rains will bring in it’s wake a new set of problems.

The blessing comes with a curse….I must remain calm and not allow my mind to run around like a restless monkey.

‘I do miss Africa….it’s so very serious, yet at the same time a very funny place…..boring, yet dramatic….colorful, yet band. A contradiction. I especially miss the idea of dressing up on a Saturday evening in a creme suit complete with spectator shoes and a finely woven panama Montecristi sipping Campari in the verandah of the Blue Fin overlooking the river that separates Zaire and Brazzaville – one doesn’t need to do anything….one just needs to talk a little, drink a little and talk again…then when it’s time…one just walks back home and tomorrow it’s a beautiful day.’

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