What matters most is NOW!

July 20, 2016

My workers are all complaining…as the work to move the stones to the right location to build the road in the plantation is hard and back breaking work….usually when they complain, I roll up my sleeves and work along side them….thru out the working day…some of them will ask from time to time, what are we going to do with the rocks down there….what if we don’t arrange the rocks properly will we have to redo this all over again?

On every occasion, when they look at me expectantly after asking a question.

My reply would always be the same, let us finish with this pile of rocks that is in front of all of us here first…don’t bother about that, we will crack our heads when we reach there.

The lesson today is there no simple secret to happiness and even if that notion really existed…..it’s not sustainable. As happiness without nuances of sadness, disappointments and regrets would just be no different from a shot of heroin.

If you want that variety of happiness – then go and search out for crystal meth or something that has the capacity to alter the chemical composition in your brain….to see the world only thru rose tinted glasses.

The only sustainable state of mind that you can ever hope to reasonably attain without having to sell everything you own and live in a cave is to strive for contentment in the moment.

I can feel my muscles straining, my back is tight and each load of stones takes everything out of me…the strain is just bearable….but I am happy I can still do this.

Many men cannot. As they don’t nearly trust their stamina or muscles….but I don’t have to bother about that and that makes me happy.

Am I doing it right? I don’t know….but if it is not right…then I will do it all over again, till I get it right and that is all there is to it….this I reckon is as close to contentment as I will ever get.

Contentment is the direct opposite of happiness – your mind is not bubbling with joy, rather you are in a state of peace and stillness – as one is focussed ONLY on the present and very little else.

To have both feet firmly planted in NOWness is not easy…but if one strives to be in this state of presence continuously…one can find peace.


‘The vast majority of humans don’t live in the present. They don’t. Usually they have one feet planted in the past and the other is in the future – whatever remains is what you can reasonably refer to as their default mental disposition. To live always in the corridors memories – is to relive pain and hurt….what did he or she say…why didn’t he or she do this or that….why did he, she or they treat me that way….don’t they know I have a right to be angry?

This is what usually goes thru a person’s mind during the course of an ordinary day. No! They are not psychotic people or even crazy….that’s just how people live their life’s without them ever realizing it, to live always in the imagination.

When one does this, it is so natural to feel miserable and sad all the time, because so much of life is passing you by without you even realizing it….’

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