The constant rebirth of the self

July 21, 2016

The character of every human being is never at one point – it’s constantly shifting….sometimes it veers to the destructive or self destructive. At other times, the character will be enriched and nourished and it will grow mentally and spiritually….but which ever way it goes, it is never the same thru out the life time of every human being.


Man is never the same. He is constantly changing and in a state of flux. The moment a child is born, the father is also born. This new man never existed before. The man existed, but the father…he is an absolutely new creation.

The very moment a salaried man starts an enterprise. Again a new man is reincarnated within the man. This time it is the businessman. Again this new man never existed before. The salaried man…yes, but the businessman is entirely a new creation.

The moment a man falls in love with a woman. He becomes a soulmate. Again this new man never existed before. The empty and incomplete man…yes, but the soulmate to the woman who this man loves is completely new.

From this we can see very clearly….man is constantly experiencing rebirth of different kinds thru out his entire lifetime.

Within a life time there are many deaths and rebirths…life is not linear, it’s not simply the case of from cradle to coffin.

Just as the businessman thinks very differently from a salaried man…he has been transformed.

This is why it is so important to keep the things that good and to only throw the bad at each level of reincarnation…this way when a man dies and is reborn again in his lifetime…he does not lose the important aspects of his beliefs and principles.

If a man is not mindful of this…he will flounder and change for the worse.


‘Wealth, power and influence….these are merely illusions of one kind or another. They are not real. They just appear to be so.

What is really super real is the level of maturity and character of a man.

Wealth, power and influence without maturity or character can only lead to extravagance, abuse and the constant need for adulation.

A mature person is always investing in his character by throwing out the useless and taking what he has considers to be worthy to a higher level….he is doing this all the time…not only for himself…but to others around him as well.

So always try to seek out mature souls to hang out with….don’t waste your social opportunities and time on people who are merely fun to be with – cultivate the company of serious men of impeccable character. Learn from them….observe how they make decisions…observe how they proceed…if you cannot find such men, then it is better to be alone reading a book. Rather than mixing with shallow people who will lead you astray.

Be mindful of this and research it well.’

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