Respecting the rhythm of others

July 22, 2016

Yesterday I came across a very angry man….he was so flustered that someone did not lock the common gate…steam was literally shooting out at full blast from both his ears. He was like a hand grenade with the pin slowly wriggling itself out….he was going to explode at any moment.

I knew instinctively…I cannot follow the rhythm of this angry man…but how does one go about the business of restoring calmness to a mind that is in turmoil?

This man kept asking me in a fuming tone, ‘do you know who is the bastard that keeps going in and out without ever bothering to lock the gate?’

I told him….I know who it is…..but I will only tell you….if you help me fill the wheel barrow with rocks instead of just standing there and fuming like a spoilt child – he agreed grudgingly. Soon we were taking turns pushing the rocks up a very steep incline….all the while, this man kept asking me the same question in an angry tone.

Eventually as the cadence and rhythm of work seeped into his being and with each wheel barrow of rocks, it seeped deeper and deeper into the marrow of his bones…I could tell, his features were no longer strained. Gone was his anger….he was now in my world….following my rhythm.

After completing three loads that was when we sat together underneath a tree for a water break….I asked the once angry man…do you want to know now, who it is that keeps using the gate without ever locking it?

The man who was once angry was now very calm. He simply replied, that’s not important to me any longer
….I understand now what you are trying to tell me.


‘Everything in this world and beyond our tiny planet….absolutely everything in this whole universe that incidentally includes you, I, and the greater ‘them’….ALL have a rhythm – it is only when we still our minds that it’s possible for one to discern the rhythm deep within the core of things, people and events….the rhythm of how one season bows out to another…the rhythm of getting something done….the rhythm of old, middle aged and youths….the rhythm of trees germinating, fruiting and eventually dying…the rhythm of waves breaking at the shoreline…..the rhythm of rains before during and after….the rhythm of how humans interact with each other when they work, play and live together – it is only thru patient observation that one is able to discern the core of things, people and events – everything in this world abides by it’s own unique rhythm – it is only when we cultivate an observant eye and gather knowledge on the rhythm of things, people and events can we truly understand HOW to harmonize …harmony in relationships…harmony in bringing about change…harmony even in managing oneself and others……without this foreknowledge it is impossible to bring out the best in people and things around you….you will always be stepping on the toes of others…always out of sync and no one will ever want to be part of your world.

Still your mind…be observant and you will sense it…the rhythm in all things.

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