Who are you….really?

July 22, 2016

This afternoon while attending a bankers garden luncheon….a very curious lady who had been observing my fingers asked, ‘your fingers are all plastered…did you have an accident?

I replied sonorously, ‘no…it’s an occupational liability..I have been moving rocks to prepare for the rainy season.’

‘May I ask….what do you do for a living?’

I replied quite naturally, ‘I am a simple farmer.’

I could tell from this lady’s body language, she was slightly taken aback and not very impressed by my credentials….but I do not blame her, as I can also tell, the woman who had been so surprised by my reply was searching for something else.

She then went to ask further..or maybe I should say, it was yet another woman in this woman who asked this other question…are you really just a farmer?

I replied, ‘yes…amongst all other men in the man who likes to call himself the individual…you have my word…you are most certainly having a conversation NOW with the man who is JUST a farmer.’

She was very confused by my answer….but it did not matter…it’s was a social function and soon like a cloud that flits off somewhere else another woman in the same woman I was talking too, asked another question thereby changing the subject and the conversation moved on to other things.


‘Man has no such thing as a single individual identity commonly referred to as ‘I.’ This concept of singularity of one’s character is a complete fabrication of society….it’s an assumption…it’s imputed…a fait accompli.

If you want prove that what I am sharing with you is not bullshit, but rather the truth and nothing but the truth….all that needs to be done is to have a conversation with someone…anyone will do…ONLY this time…listen and observe very carefully and hold on to what I have just shared with you – listen to the sound of their voice….the topic and how they describe their objects of interest….observe how they verbalize their thoughts with their selection of words along with their expressions…sense their many yearnings, desires, curiosities, fears and doubts in the way they express themselves.

As one cultivates the art of listening and observing with a still mind. Soon you will discover the person who you’re talking too isn’t a single person…rather it’s like one of those Russian dances where someone jumps into the circle dances only for another to jump in and this goes on and on…soon you will even discover you are not having a conversation with only one person…although there is only both of you.

By listening and observing with a very still mind one will be able to seek out the many separate small “i”s in a single person without too much difficulty – very often these separate identities that reside in someone is entirely unknown to even the person you are talking too.

That is quite normal…the person who you are conversing with is not a psycho…there is nothing fundamentally wrong with him or her upstairs.

As you practice this more and more…the art of listening and observing with a very still mind – you will find this is the nature of man.

As I mentioned earlier…most of us have been brainwashed to believe in the idea, there is only ‘I.’ There is no one else except this single individual who accounts for all our thoughts, acts and omissions.

But that is NOT true…not at all – it is ONLY when we are mentally sensitive enough to sense the different personalities running around in our OWN heads FIRST….that we can begin to see the same in others as well….only then can we begin to clarify the idea of who really is the real ‘I.’

Only AFTER we have sought out in our own consciousness the true ‘I’ and make every effort to ignore the other false men who are constantly running around in our heads and distracting us all the time….only AFTER fellowshipping with this true ‘I’ for days, weeks, months and years and steadfastly ignoring the rest…only then can one begin to make real progress in understanding our nature better…..who is the real ‘I’

Who were truly are….which is a very different conception from who you think or others think you are.

Without this foreknowledge, one will simply have to go through life like a man living in a mad house….and this is actually how most people live their life without truly knowing who they are.

I do not for one moment pretend this insight is a simple subject to understand…it is not – that is why this entry is longer than usual and should you find your patience straining to complete this article…just be mindful another man in you has jumped into the circle and told you to speed read thru this….but hold on to what I said.

Every statement a person makes….every gesture…every act and reaction is an entirely different man within the many men who reside in only one man….a moment ago it was a fleeting thought, now it is a desire, or a sensation, another thought again maybe…a yearning perhaps and so this goes on endlessly thru out the course of a single conversation with any person….and on and on.

It is only when one knows oneself completely that one is able to recognize that man is really only the sum of all his plurality of personalities.’

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