The bullet train from SG to KL

July 23, 2016

Look! This is a game changer…but if Singaporeans are going to get the sweet end of the deal. They have to start preparing now….as when the Japanese say it can all be built, operated and handed over in seven years…seven years it will be. The Japanese are ultra serious when it comes to trains, they are not like those amateurs in you better believe it!

Seven years is not very long from now…

(1) Learn how to speak and write Bahasa Melayu.

The standard of spoken and written English is deteriorating fast and furious in Malaysia…even in the cities the youths cannot speak it well and when they do, it is not only hazardous, but also nonsensical as well. Who is to blame for this rot? Is not the objective of this entry, only understand the important….it is what it is….so if you want to maximize your opportunities in Malaysia, you have to learn to speak and write BM proficiently…it is strategic..this is not difficult in Singapore. More importantly cultivate Malay friends as the demographics along the high speed rail would have changed in seven years into the future. Learn their ways, be adept like a secret agent.

The govt will never tell you this with such candor…as this people do not have either foresight or wisdom to see the wider social ramifications of how the HSR will transform the social and cultural DNA of SG.

(2) Cultivate Malaysian friends.

Now that we are all wearing our secret agent balaclava…this is a MUST. As only Malaysians who have lived and grown up along the route of the HSR can supply you first class intelligence.

This is vital to increase your chances of success – without this there can be no decisive victory….you must have near perfect intelligence otherwise it is virtually to plan to effectively….otherwise theory can never be translated into reality with the highest degree of planning fidelity.

Again this can be easily done….if you are a male, all you have to do is broadcast I prefer Malaysian to SG gals…next thing ten lorries will appear with two metric tons internal beauties….so I will leave the HOW to most of you to flesh out yourself.

(3) Learn to be comfortable with Malaysians and Malaysia.

Singapore is very well administered country when compared to messy Malaysia…this often provokes a lot of fear, anxiety and nervousness amongst Singaporeans….as a consequence at a sub consciousness level at least most Singaporeans are fearful of doing anything long term in Malaysia.

I can understand their concerns and even anxieties…as to be quite frank Malaysia is a very corrupt and messy country and it is likely to get more corrupt and messy in the next seven years!

This mental programming FIRST needs to be smashed…if it is still enable…even so much as slightly, it is not possible for one to move to the discomfort zone confidently to accomplish the mission….you will fail.

Study and research my advise well…I mean well.


‘In my mind there are only two types of people who are in business. The first will go from strenght to strenght and win eight out of ten times. The other can only fail…they will start of well, but soon as the number of problems multiply, they will be either be so overwhelm or run out of reserves to continue. Eventually they will throw in the towel and put the blame on everything from a lousy business model to blaming the market for not appreciating what they have to offer.

The defining difference between the former and latter is simply this, the man who succeeds is very serious…as to him, business is war!

I fully appreciate this would probably come across as a very brutalized version of business and even politically incorrect way to describe running an enterprise – but to me, it is what it is…after all, you are probably going to sell everything along with put all your life savings into this endeavor…and even if you don’t plan to do this, you may have too!….you are probably going to put in twelve to sixteen hours a day…seven days a week in the early stages of growing your enterprise. This is normal as well. So to me failure is not an option at all.

The gold standard is to get it right the first time!

I realize most politicians and leaders will talk about the importance of cultivating a spirit of going where no mind dares to go and maybe why it is important to migrate out of your comfort zone….but to me, these are not as important as setting the right attitude to succeed….in my opinion, it requires seriousness first and foremost….everything else follows thereafter!

The serious attitude is key!

As a serious outlook to business requires one to adopt a warlike attitude….this I fully appreciate is a repugnant idea to most Singaporeans as the very word ‘war’ implies conflict and the opposite of everything that one desires…peace, harmony and continuity.

But I don’t see it in that sense at all…to me when I use the aphorism: business is war! It simply means that one is fully conscious and under no influence of any delusions that it can be anything else other than a very serious life and death endeavor.

Understand this! I cannot emphasize the importance of this strongly enough!’

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