Why is it so important to know the rhythm…

July 23, 2016

….of people, animals, things and events.

Two weeks ago. An Alsatian bitch gave birth. My friend was very excited as this is his first litter. But he had some reservations as he went on to share with me – where his dog gave birth is not a very comfortable place for her. Since it is now the rainy season both he and his wife have set aside a comfortable corner in their porch with dry blankets. He told me that they plan to move her this weekend.

I advised against that idea very strongly. As I told him in very clear terms, his dog will get aggressive and bite either him or his wife or both should he attempt to move her. He laughed and told me, she has been with us for five years, why would she bite us, we mean well….I replied, you don’t seem to understand…this is not the dog you used to know….this a completely new dog. When a dog or even a woman gives birth to another life form…a new being is born…the dog who was not a mother existed before. But this new dog who is now a mother is a completely new creation….a new dog….that her own rhythm…so don’t disturb her.

Please do not move here….leave her alone. Those were my final words to him.

Today I heard when my friend tried to move his dog…the dog turned on him.


‘When one becomes sensitive to the rhythm of things, people, animals, events etc etc….one is able to go with the flow rather than against it.

In Kendo, the way of the sword. A common trick frequently used by very skilled exponents is to destroy the rhythm of the opponent – once this is accomplished, it is impossible for the adversary to either launch or fend off an attack….he’s form is broken in two….he’s completely vulnerable.

Same holds true for a man and woman as well – a woman has her menstrual cycle…the man has his peak and low days. In the case of the man, this may not be apparent…but trust me…these cycles are continually swinging from left to right like a pendulum.

Be sensitive to this inner rhythm…be mindful of the rhythm of others around you as well.

When one becomes sensitive to one’s inner rhythm….others can never intimidate, irritate or bring out the worst in you – as since one is ALWAYS mindful of one’s rhythm like the swing of a pendulum, one’s mind will always have enough momentum to find it’s own speed and cadence to keep the swing from left to right rhythmically irrespective of what is happening around, so the mind is always calm, still and steady under every possible condition known to man…you can even try to incarcerate this man in prison….deploy psychological warfare….resort to threats and intimidation….it will all bounce off him…zero effect.

You are just wasting your time, opportunity cost and energy….might as well go and plough the bloody sea.

As to be at one with one’s rhythm creates a natural force field that serves to protect our being….the more one is able to sense one’s inner rhythm of being…the stronger this force field becomes. Till this invisible circle cannot be broken.’

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