Why 1 MDB will never go away

July 24, 2016

Let us not even discuss the subject…not yet. Let us just try to put the sums into some kind of understandable scale and perspective…..please try to suspend disbelief for one moment and just take a step back and look at it.

Yes….It is so incredibly big! We are not talking about loose change here!

It’s so big it’s like a bloody jumbo jet parked outside your neighborhood or an obese elephant standing right in the middle of your living room…so how can it just disappear from the public consciousness?

Is it even reasonable or for that matter sane to expect it to just disappear?

Even if you ask David Copperfield to make it all disappear…he will tell you…I surrender!

So what are you going to do, put everyone in jail just because they are thinking and talking about 1MDB?

What kind of logic is that?

Like I said, it’s so big! The sums involves are incredibly big…so big that it defies all manner of description….so how can it simply be wished away.

Only very crazy people expect it to disappear with a wave of the magic wand.


‘The Americans are now starting an investigation into money laundering allegations involving 1MDB….so to me this matter will be seen to it’s logical end. Say what you want about America, say that they are a confused lot and there are a lot of things that are not working there – but you cannot say they don’t have a first class top drawer rule of law, staffed by very professional people who take their jobs very seriously…so seriously that even the Richard Nixon the President of the US was once impeached and had to leave the White House in disgrace!

So let us be sane and reasonable and realistic here….the US is not a country where the No.1 person can just pick up the phone and ask the Attorney General to make the file disappear…this cannot be done in the US. As the doctrine of separation of powers that delineates the responsibilities of the executive, legislature and judiciary is so well defined and clearly delineated.

It is not like a banana republic where the dictator can do all sorts of funny things and still get away with it…in the US, despite their many faults, they will certainly get down to the truth….so in my humble assessment, the truth will certainly come out.

It is not a question of whether the truth will emerge and see the light of day, but rather when…that is all there is to the matter.

So to me I cannot really understand the mentality of those who say this is matter that one should not even think or discuss openly – my feel is these people who make such statements are not reasonable….realistic or even sound…they are not!’

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