Mixing with people wisely

July 24, 2016

If you mix around with crooks, liars and cheats. You will also end up being a crook, liar and cheat.

If you mix around with violent people who only know how to solve problems by intimidating and bullying the innocent…you will also end up being a samseng (two bit gangster) and eventually you too can only resolve problems by intimidation and bullying.

But if you mix around with people who have principles and take life very seriously and are always mindful to treat others the way they want to be treated…you too can only become like them as well.

Above all one must absolutely cultivate a love for one’s own company….if a man is always restless when he’s not connected to others. If he’s always afraid of doing things all by himself and constantly needs the reaffirmation of friends by his side to supply him encouragement and support. Or regards loneliness as a form of mental torture like solitary confinement, that simply demonstrates, he is still very much a stranger to himself – he hasn’t really got to know himself yet. This man has not bothered with cultivating knowledge about who he really is – that is why the idea of being alone is filled with so much foreboding.

The moral of the story is if you find there are no good people around, it’s better for one to be alone with a good book.


‘Most men don’t have the discipline to control money. Money controls them!

As soon as they come to a bit of money, you will see a radical change in their lifestyle…values and who they used to be …they become another human being…..they will go out more often…they will suddenly feel the need to connect with others and even be very high profile and flamboyant, like that fatty Jho Low.

They will be seen here, there and everywhere…and that is very normal. As money will attract all sorts of funny people who would never come into your life at all…if you are just an ordinary Joe.

Every night they will go out drinking with their buddies and fraternize with prostitutes….and in no time they will end up losing themselves along with their fortune.

A fool and his money always parts!

I have seen this first hand happening to some of own friends and on every single occasion – I have asked myself WHY?

But the man who is in full control of $. You will never find him doing all this stupid things. Never!…he is a very homely guy…probably doesn’t even go out after seven at night.

You don’t see him looking outside of himself to seek the approval, affirmation and validation of strangers like the fabled drug addict craving for his next fix!

As to this man knows $ is a just illusion – yes…money can open many door…good and evil….but it can also close many doors as well that you want to keep open – and since this man knows both sides of the coin of money….you will always find he is always alone with a book.

That is why people often say, it’s very lonely at the top.

But to me, being alone is not suffering….not at all. It too long the world has programmed most people to believe in that ridiculous idea, that is the only reason why being alone or not having anyone to share the day is often considered a form of purgatory – but if one cannot even enjoy the solitude of the self…then how can one possibly be comfortable in one’s own skin?’

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