Will 1 MDB fallout affect SG

July 27, 2016

The civil lawsuit filed by the US Dept of Justice is just a prelude to many other things that will happen – it’s the first phase, akin to kicking a ball off a mountain….as the investigators begin to drill deeper….more incriminating evidence is likely to emerge….the case will gather momentum.

As it is there is now an urgent and pressing need to find a fall guy to take the heat away from the center….the pressure must be stifling, as when the Americans decide to sink their teeth usually they never hold back….I do not have any idea who the No.1 public official may be. And even if I know of his identity….I have to be on the defensive. That suits me very well. As it states my position clearly and classifies my opponents exactly as I think they are. Or must be under these trying circumstances.

Having said all that, I have a very good idea who the No.1 fall guy would have to be.

This is really not a question of who is right or wrong, it’s Shakespearian….


‘So far the racial card has not be played….but as the pressure is ratcheted up…I see this as inevitable. As it’s either that or broke.

Besides fall guy No.1 is the right race to pin the blame on and to exacerbate matters alcohol and women along with loads of $ is involved…let me be frank, he gave them the bullets they need to plug him ten times over by living the life of the rich and famous quite brazenly…so from a PR angle, he’s damaged goods!

I want you to understand this has nothing to do with culpability and intent. Rather it’s all about managing perception.

Most people unfortunately have very little inkling how a company works or is even supposed to work…so they’re not going to ask jugular questions like who in the board signed off on the dotted line for this and that…you and I know those are the right and perhaps only questions to ask.

But again. This is not about the business of getting at the truth as much as manufacturing one believable version of the ‘truth’ i.e it has more to do with the art of managing perception – how one spins the story seems to be more important. Added to that there is plenty of raw material there to fashion a fall guy. Personally I feel very sorry for fall guy No.1. Because to be perfectly honest with you his only mistake in life is not have the good fortune to read my blog.

If he had done just that – first of all he wouldn’t be a fatty….he would be a lithe 5% body fat and the rest muscle like more – he would just be going around town in a cute lime green cherry QQ, gyming in Safra, chowing on mee pok and the only highlight of his day would be Milo dinosaur…that’s to say if he read my blog regularly he would have kept an ultra low profile or maybe we would advise him to impersonate a farmer, ride a roti man black bicycle from time to time and pretend to borrow money from people who are poorer than him. Meanwhile all his money would be invested in opaque Africa and the Ukraine, where he could just as well get the same if not better ROI on his investments.

Most importantly if fall guy No.1 read my blog regularly – he would have audio and video recorded every encounter with those double faced sharks that makes the watergate tapes look like a prologue. Divided the information into three packages, encrypted it with an auto send by satellite program and mail to Julian Assange, if for any reason he doesn’t log into his virtual account at 24 hour intervals…this was his biggest mistake…as it is, he’s got no proof of his innocence and their malevolence….he’s out in the cold.

What do I think about fall guy No.1? He didn’t do anything wrong or perhaps I should say, he couldn’t have done anything wrong if the board of directors didn’t at least give him their tacit approval by signing off – but that’s not really the case is it…as in the final analysis all one can really see is a spoilt brat who doesn’t mind splurging millions just to rub shoulders with the rich and famous with lashings of Cristal Champagne that comes at $500 a pop.

Now that the US Dept of Justice is involved. I can’t see how Singapore can help public official No.1 cover his tracks even if they want too. Recently MAS publicly named and shamed a couple of homegrown banks for their lack of good governance – but then again what choice did they have when the US is drilling fast and furious….so if MAS want to keep its appellation as a world class financial center, it can’t be seeing playing pariah dog games…that means in the long run, it will have to cooperate by disclosing more information.

And again since relations between Singapore and Malaysia is defined not only along racial lines, but also by the condescending ‘abang adik’ historicism – this once again can be given a spin to come out as something other than what it actually is.

The question now is where will this US Dept of Justice civil suit go? Will it at some point transition to a criminal case?

I see that as inevitable.

The only reason why I feel it’s necessary to ask this question is because the level of spin the story will be given is inversely proportional to level of damage that is likely to affect public official No.1 and his clique….the higher the penalties…the higher the spin and the more incentive to play the racial card.

It seems we live in interesting times.’

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