I really don’t think he’s a con man lah!

July 28, 2016

A con man is a fraudster! He is someone with no morality and principles – this JL chap gives millions to charitable causes…so to me there is something very wrong with the picture…..besides he comes from a very prestigious and wealthy family….so he already a millionaire even before he got involved in 1 MDB.

I have already warned all my regular readers to be mindful of greatest Bo Lang Ai of Singapore, Bertha Henson as she is a sort of woman who likes to make unsubstantiated statements concerning people.

I will not comment on what her blog wrote about fall guy No.1.

Yes I know the DoJ civil suit looks very bad and incriminating – then again it’s America. In the US even if you fart in a lift, people can sue you for attempted murder. As they will claim drama mama style (real or imagined) you had every intention to poison the air and snuff them out…so let us try to stand back and look at the facts objectively.

As at the end of the day one cannot run away from company law and the fiduciary duties of the board of directors to their stakeholders.

What baffles me no end about this circus show is I have only been asking one question since this whole capper erupted – who in the board of directors signed off on the dotted line to give fatty the $? Every time I do that….some idiot jumps out like a demented Jack in the box and throws a smoke grenade by shouting out, ‘he partied with Paris Hilton’ ‘Megan Fox is his girlfren’ etc…..to me this is all obiter i.e it’s irrelevant.

As in the final analysis IF the board did not sign off…fatty could have done absolutely nothing.

So as you can all see….there is a huge conspiracy here to fashion a fall guy to take the blame…..and I don’t want to be part of the lynch mob. I am not saying evil people should not pay their dues…..only I don’t believe for one moment it’s so simple Simon like everyone says it is….that’s all…for the moment.’

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