Lessons from the impending epic fall of Mr J.Lwo

July 28, 2016

One must always strive to go along with the rhythm of life….to be in the groove simply means one seeks harmony, symmetry and balance with the prevailing mood of the times.

When conditions are hard and unrelenting for many, it pays for one to remain modest, somber and discreet.

Eat the same food as your workers…work along side them when it rains….share their joys and hardships.

Be humble and observe how when the bamboo grows taller it bows with utter humility to the earth….this is the natural rhythm of a harmonious and well balanced life.

This way one will always be loved by all as one is always going along with the rhythm of life and not against it.


‘What people don’t realize is just the mere act of breathing, living and going about one’s business in life can often inflict pain on others….especially when we are not mindful of the rhythm of life.

No one is saying an industrious man doesn’t have every right to spend his hard earned money…..I am not a communist…only this should always be done with utmost care and consideration to the prevailing conditions in one’s community.

Just be discreet….and low profile…..there is a time and place for everything…choose it wisely.

Truth is most people don’t ever mind if you happen to be doing better than them – but be mindful never to rub their noses into the dirt by living your life in such a brazen manner where you are constantly highlighting the disparity in wealth, living standards and opportunities between your lifestyle and theirs…if you do that, they will gawk at you at first…then, they will whisper amongst themselves, ‘why is my life so hard and his is so easy and comfy’. Soon you will bring out the worst in others.

But if one is mindful of this reality…one will always see the need to manage perception and strive to live a simple life free from all the delusions of affectations.

This is the philosophy of living that I have always preached long even before the 1 MDB saga came into the scene….iron discipline to live a spartan, simple and unpretentious life.’

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