Living like a proletariat and thinking like a CEO

July 29, 2016

I never ever thought that I could possibly get so lucky. As to get three straight days of hot sun without a single drop of rain at the tail end of July….not after the relentless rains last week and the week before.

This unexpected break in the weather gives me a rare window of opportunity to finish off the final leg of my earth works in the most flood prone sections of my land – which I didn’t have time to complete as I misread the weather terribly in early July.

But to make full use of this window of opportunity. I’ve had to move super fast and there was no room for mistakes or digging stuff that wasn’t put right the first time!

The work would have been impossibly dangerous during the rainy spell…but with last three days of scorching sun, the soil was just right….not too hard or slushy…just perfect.

Today I made a 24 hour decision to restart from where I last left off my outstanding earth works.

Woke up at five to study and memorize the flood prevention blueprints. By day break – all the heavy machinery and materials arrived at site to dig up sections of laterite roads that needs laying subterranean pipes…it was still sunny and dry – however, last minute, the earth works contractor phoned up to tell me he needs to increase the price due to the ultra short notification – I told him to go back and sleep…you are optional lah!

Did the river surveying, leveling and got the work done myself.

All finished by six sharp in the afternoon….I am so incredibly dead beat tired, but very happy. As the uncompleted sections have been bothering me all of this month and I had long since reconcile myself to the prospects of the worst case scenario – it’s not everyday that I get an opportunity to press the pause button and the world suddenly stops spinning. Only to go right back where I last left off to right the things that need righting. I wish I could do that for other areas in my life. I am very lucky this time round. I am very happy.

After the last drainage pipes were buried and roads resurfaced… the rains resumed. Just in the nick of time. Now I am ready for the big one!

Bring it on lah!


‘Most of life is perception driven…it’s not based on reality. Usually we transpose our own understanding of how the world is or should be on the bare facts that we are presented with. Most people don’t ever bother with the winnowing part…to separate truth from lies…fact from conjecture. Experience informs me quite reliably on almost every occasion – they just take and run with whatever little they have.

That’s life!

This underscores the importance of managing perception.

Take the case of fall guy No.1. How does he come across to you?

Well for starters he happens to be fat. Now I’ve got to be very honest with you all – I have nothing against fat folk. In fact some of my best friends happen to be fatties….but my opinion hardly matters in how YOU go about forming first impression judgements about people…and that’s a fact.

Do people have a right to judge others based on how they come across – again that’s irrelevant. As my point is people do regularly judge others whether you think it good, bad or neutral. And usually they do so based on imperfect information. We all do this hundreds or perhaps thousands of times every week.

It’s part and parcel of the human condition.

Let me give you an example by throwing out another rhetorical question – do most people think (real or imagined) fat people are greedy and lazy? Does fall guy No.1 fit the bill?

Mind you. The question I just asked has nothing whatsoever to do with whether I believe fat people are greedy and lazy?

See my point – my opinion doesn’t feature in your decision making process about people and what attributes they may or may not have.

See what I am getting at?

Now I am not for one moment saying fall guy No.1 would have it any easier if he to look like one of those six packed korean actors in the descendants of the sun – but then again it wouldn’t do him any harm either. As there is no denying looks certainly plays a preponderant role in how we usually form judgements and opinions about others.

I am always mindful of this reality. Or should I say human failing – that’s why I try to stay within the working class quadrant whenever possible….that’s to say, I much prefer to dress in field wear and even if I happen to attend a formal function….usually I am dressed in my bush jacket…it’s my way of insulating my tiny world from the world. Here I am just like everyone else. Sometimes it’s best not to stand out from the crowd and just blend right in like wallpaper. It’s a sort of camouflage.

The whole idea is to create the impression of a man who is perfectly comfortable with the outdoors – that’s after my office!…you could even say it’s a sort of calling card or trade mark by which others know me by.

By the way, what’s YOUR calling card or trade mark by which others know you by?’

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