Will Trump destroy the world if he becomes the next President?

August 1, 2016

The short mini skirt answer is. No! Mr Trump may have many ideas bouncing around in his head right now…but IF he is ever elected as the President, he will eventually come to the awful realization all that he can only do is come to terms with the realities of statecraft and perpetuate the status quo.

It is this aspect of reality that will hit Mr Trump hardest – the notion that it’s not how well he plays the game. As it remains a very sobering matter of how the game will always play him.


‘When a Roman Emperor is garlanded. He realizes that he has to share power with ten Roman legions. One cannot possibly hope to exert command and control over the power and politics of ten Roman legions…not even if one happens to be an Emperor. All that one can really do is live in the illusion that it’s possible to command and control ten Roman legions….it’s exactly the same with the US President. He only appears to be the commander in chief – but power is very fragmented in the US, it is not vested in one man, not even the office of the President. As there are very clear lines delineating the role of the executive, legislative and judiciary.

So I am not afraid that Mr Trump will do something stupid….not at all – as there remains plenty of checks and balances that will prevent that from ever happening in the US.

You could even say the US is one of those funny countries where a monkey can even be elected into the office of President and the country will still be able to function as it’s just another day in paradise.’

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