Is Trump unfit to be President

August 4, 2016

The question is not whether Mr Trump is fit or unfit to steward the highest office in the world…Rather it is the question – WHO created the right conditions for such an individual to rise and even contest for the highest office in the world?


As now there is really ONLY one Mr Trump…so to me, he is really not such a big headache…but if strenuous effort is not made to supply an answer that I asked in the beginning – then I believe they may well be millions of Mr Trump.

If that happens…then it’s game over. As it is the system is very robust. It has plenty of shock absorbers to deal with ONE Mr Trump with plenty of room to spare….but it is not designed to deal with millions of Trumps.

In the final analysis…no matter how one decides to supply an answer to this question…it all comes down to one reality. If leaders did not break their word regularly….if only they fulfilled their promises instead of just pretending they never made such commitments before getting elected ….then who in their right mind would ever vote for Mr Trump?

After all a need only comes into effect if there is a demand…it cannot arise in a vacuum!

So to me the nascent of Mr Trump can only be a direct result of years of abject failure, ambivalence and terminal arrogance on the part of the political machinery to dutifully fulfill the gap between yearning and fulfillment….as a result the divide is far now that it’s like two continents….that is the ONLY reason why Mr Trump has become a Godzilla….that is the only conceivable reason why he is view disproportionally by all others who seem always to say the same things only to do the opposite….and that is why, he is so big and unstoppable!


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