Small steps….

August 5, 2016

Start by doing what’s necessary… diligent and do it well….strive to be consistent at doing the things that needs doing.

After that….consider doing what’s posible….again…be diligent and do it well….strive to be consistent and comfortable with the idea of doing what’s possible and suddenly in no time, you will be doing the impossible.

Only be mindful always start with very small steps.


‘There is a banana grower in my village. His name is Ah Thiam. Seven years ago, Ah Thiam confided to me that he was always poor as no one taught him how to save. So I told him, whenever you come across a five dollar green note, put it in a biscuit tin.

Seven years have passed and now Ah Thiam has twenty five biscuit tins stuffed full with fivers.

One day Ah Thiam showed up with two plastic bags full of five dollar notes and asked me what to do with it. We drove to town and put a down payment for a second hand tractor.

Now Ah Thiam hires out his tractor every alternate day when he is not tending his bananas.

Thereafter Ah Thiam confided to me he plans to go to Bangkok to have plastic surgery on squaring his jaw like mine…he told me in an embarrassed tone, he has designs to propose to a girl. He showed me a carefully folded picture of one the Korean actors in descendants of the sun…I tore it up, took off my sunglasses, glared at him and asked him – who taught you this?

He never brought the matter up again….

I told him first you start with one tractor, then two, four, eight….that is how it works.

Then Ah Thiam asked what about improving his chances of getting married…I told him with money everything is made possible, but without it, one is has certainly less options in life.

The journey has begun…’

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