What Trees would say about Trump

August 5, 2016

There seems to be no such thing as a ‘bottom’ when it comes to how low the blows may come from Trump…nothing it seems is sacred any longer. Trump even makes our homegrown Potty mouther Amos Yee look like the Pope.

This should prompt us to ask, why are so many (judging from the polls at least) people prepared to look the other way when it comes to Mr Trumps indiscretions?



‘Whether Mr Trump wins or not is no longer relevant….from my assessment, the damage has already been done.

By damage I mean three notable evolutions are very apparent.

Firstly, the electoral mix or segmentation in the US has fragmented and the poor, uneducated and feral white supremacist have managed to chisel themselves as a distinctive voting cachet. This is important to highlight as in previous presidential elections – the rightist in the US have remained middle to moderate thereby ballasting the political system…now that this vital counter weight is swept away by the Trump tsunami…the bough is broken. Result: American politics in the future is likely to be characterized by mass askance and skepticism.

Secondly, the age of scholar politician has reached it’s product life cycle….at least in the US it seems. These days for politicians to win and garner enough votes, it is now strategic for them to court the ‘red neck’ crowd…it is conceivable this will radically transform the substantive, tenor and direction of policy as well.

Thirdly, power and politics in the US is likely to fragment and Balkanized further – it will begin to diffuse away from the center to the rest of the states thereby redefining the relationship between central and regional control. Currently the states that all make up the ‘united’ in the US are very homogeneous despite the wide difference in demographics, industrial and agricultural outlook…by this I mean to say a farmer in Nebraska can agree with very little difficulty with perhaps a shoe shop manager in New York that this or that is good or bad for American and Americans…but when the political process moves so far to the outer edges of the extreme right!

Then what can only occur is a sort of social polarization where all common ground is squeezed out – when this situation is left to rot on it’s own without any attempts to rehabilitate it, positions can only calcify and soon they will become hard points that will be very difficult to negotiate around. Result: expect the US to be a very divided country now and into the foreseeable future.’

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