If one disagrees with the TPP

August 7, 2016

Is one then necessarily subversive? Let me put it another way, if you believe it is right to raise the price of medicine beyond the reach of most people in the third world….And should I believe otherwise i.e medicine is an elemental a priori right for all and every effort should be made to keep the price as reasonable and low as possible including reining in the profit motive…….then might I also be subversive just because I don’t share your worldview of how medicine should be priced and who should be able to have access to them.

If that is subversive…then how about should I prefer ice kacang to two scoops of ice cream…might that also be subversive?

What about should I much prefer to walk instead of taking the bus or a taxi like you….might that also be subversive as well?


‘I once told a man, please don’t use your bag of dirty tricks on me. He asked me why not….I replied because you haven’t seen what’s in a bag yet.

I think he finally got my point.’

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