August 7, 2016

A few sights that made me press the pause button and JUST watch during my last visit to the city.





‘I think it’s very sad when I realize it’s no longer possible for me to live in a place like Singapore….I seem to have developed a chronic allergy to virtually everything in the city.

For one it’s way too noisy and the lights are just too bright…I am not used having so many people around me…soon my senses become overloaded and I begin to malfunction.

Whenever I feel disorientated by the many sights and sounds in the city…I sit down.

Usually women who have never seen before would approach me gingerly and ask in a concern tone whether I am OK…maybe they sense my sadness. Or could it be they are drawn by some residue of the wild that I broadcast inadvertently like X ray? I don’t know…it’s very hard to say…as the city is such an alien place to me these days.

Usually I just sit quietly like a stone. I don’t ever need to do anything except maybe breathe in and out and after a while I get up and resume my walk again.’

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