Will Trump Win?

August 8, 2016

Of late Mr Trump has made a couple of incomprehensibly stupid moves that has resulted in self inflicted damage to himself and the entire Republican outfit. However I am very sure he will be able to recover. Even if he cannot recover the Republican machinery will make every effort to make it possible for Mr Trump to recover. This is the nature of partisan styled politics. After all it’s still early days and from now till November it’s really the equivalent of from here to eternity in power and politics.


‘Will America and the rest of the world be destroyed after Trump wins? Normally we needn’t ask such a question, but these are not normal times. These are super duper extraordinary times. Last week, Obama announced “(Trump) is unfit to serve as President” he added Trump was “woefully unprepared”. To cap it off Obama laid it thick and furious “He doesn’t have the judgment, the temperament, the understanding to occupy the most powerful position in the world.”

Never before have I ever heard such a stinging report card from a president to describe another contender.

But to be fair. Obama along many people do have good reasons to come to their conclusion.

Are they accurate?

First of all I don’t think Mr Trump is a fool. He may be a loose canon. But he is definitely not a fool. As a fool cannot possibly be a billionaire! That is not possible.

So he has a history of cutting the right moves or coming down on the right side as the Americans would say – I happen to be one of the few who believe Mr Trump is just inexperienced and possibly overwhelmed by the new found position he suddenly finds himself in. That shouldn’t come as a surprise as he’s basically a businessman not a politician. That may be why I am willing to cut him some slack.

This election is historical. Never before has the electorate being confronted with two starkly different choices – Hillary represents continuity and the perpetuation of the status quo along with everything that is wrong with politics and power in America.

Trump comes in with a new insight as to how the country should be ordered. Though it’s doubtful he will be able to deliver on his promises. As there are really so many realities that need staying the course rather than hatching ideas – I am not saying the old way of doing things is better than whatever Trump math propose if he were ever elected as President. It’s just that I don’t believe Mr Trump appreciates the nuances of power and politics along with how little power he has to effect a slew of radical changes.

If I had to plumb. I would say Trump could very well win albeit by the slimmest of margins – the only reason why I say this is because he comes across as authentic and the opposite of a well rehearsed politician in the form of Hillary.

Authenticity sells. It even commands a premium in a climate of terminal askance, uncertainty and fear.

That I imagine could be one reason why the Democrats seem to be very determined to label Mr Trump as a nut case….the irony is their methods don’t differ a lot from what Mr Trump has been doing all along – give a dog a bad name blah blah blah.

Will it work?

Well I think it will. As character assasination is a very effective crowbar….but then again if Trump just remains focussed on getting his message across instead diffusing his energy on petty issues all the time – he will certainly win.’

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