August 9, 2016

Love to most people (I imagine) usually involves a kind of appropriation….of another or something.

Usually love involves some form of monopolization, possessiveness and expectation the person who you love will always be there for you…exclusivity – but there is an understated flaw to this logic.

As the very moment one tries to possess a living being, you have killed it as certainly as plucking a flower that picks your fancy in the wild.

To me love cannot be about possession and obsession…as it’s simply an act of appreciation.


‘Its very natural for man to covet and possess and even aspire to own both things and people. After all to some degree unbeknown to all of us – it’s conceivable we have all been socially conditioned by the material world to only see this as the only worthwhile transaction in life.

Anything less than ownership in the strict sense means we don’t have a right to enjoy it.

But there is something very fundamentally wrong with this outlook – just the other day while working in the field. I said to myself what a glorious day…for the very first time in weeks, the temperature was not super hot. There was even a cooling breeze from the east that made work joyous…the birds were all out and the gentle swaying and rustle of the palms was so serene.

It was a joy to work with my hands on such a beautiful day.

But the very second when I murmured to myself, ‘if only all days can be like today’ ‘I wish the day will never end’ or ‘if only I had the power to stop time and freeze this moment in eternity.’

Suddenly sadness crept into my being like a thief. Suddenly that which was just a moment a source of profound joy was transformed into something ugly and painful.

Do you all see how when one is clingy to a thing or I imagine to even a person…the magic spell of the moment is broken.

There is much to be learnt from this in life….never dwell on the past or the distant future. There is only the present and it is new…pristine and pure.

Breathe and enjoy….as it will past.’

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