Breaking the vicious cycle

August 9, 2016

When we are not mindful – the mind will go round and round like a cat chasing it’s own tail. That is the nature of the mind. We will relive the bad experiences of the past and feel the pain that comes from missed opportunities and regrets and by doing so…. we sabotage the present and future.

As I mention…this is the very nature of the mind when one is not mindful – it can only go round and round like a vicious cycle…repeating…reliving the past and coloring our days with sadness.

But when one is mindful – one becomes a witness to this merry go round without judgement, consideration or any other thoughts.

As a witness one is simply acutely mindful of how the mind is chasing it’s own tail like a deranged cat AGAIN.

To be mindful…is not nothing….it is a very big deal…nothing short of the skeleton key that will empower one to open the door to freedom….without the power that comes from awareness one can never hope to exert complete control over the mind, one can only be swept of away by the momentum of the gyre and go round and round.


‘Living in the wild all alone is hardly a simple thing. It’s not like the movies. You only think you can wing it – but once you’re smack in the depths of wild. You will be overwhelmed….as the jungle has a creepy way of whirling itself beneath your skin only to canal into your brain and consume it like some hungry fanged creature.

I’ve seen many level headed men lose their minds in this way….that is what will happen when we are not mindful of how our mind can turn against us. As our past is hardly a benign thing – no it’s times it’s like trampoline that will propel you into the present and future. This is how relationships are destroyed….a man or woman may be with his or her soulmate but some painful memory is played out like a cassette or DVD again and again and this destroys the moment and if this persist…..the relationship is doomed.

To break away from the past is not easy…you are not stupid or weak willed if the past has a habit of creeping up on you only to shout out booh!

That just means you are totally human…learn to accept this aspect of who you are without beating up yourself! Learn to see it for what it is without a defensive nature that comes from urgency to judge….it is you, me and everyone else.

As this happens to even the very best of us. The hurtful past comes often to me and everyone else and those who claim they are not to some degree haunted by the past are simply lying to others and themselves.

Only because of my special circumstances. I have to be acutely mindful of how the mind has a tendency of going round and round….when it’s not checked.

Mindfulness. To be fully conscious that the broken record has started playing somewhere in my head again and by the mere act of just being mindful – suddenly the past assumes the right scale and perspective in relation to the present and future.

This way the past can never overwhelm you…it’s not possible as the gravity of the present and future will keep you centered and alert.

When we are not mindful of how the mind has a tendency to go round and round – that is when we begin to die a little day by day till we end up living only in the past.

But when we are mindful…suddenly we come to a state of awareness and this enables us to bury the past and move on.’

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