Of course…I don’t trust myself!

August 10, 2016

No! Please don’t misunderstand me…as when I say – I don’t trust myself! It is not a sign of weakness. Not at all…it is, what it is…nothing more or less…just reality….the way I see it at least.

‘Your mind, my mind, their mind will always interfere and color your thoughts. That’s only natural as the mind is a creation of society.

Yes it will interfere…always…all the time that is what happens when there is a policeman…priest…leader….parent running in your head 24/7 – it is impossible to be yourself.

I don’t for one moment deny it is certainly your mind…only it is not ALWAYS in your service…neither can it be counted to make wise decisions…not all the time.

Don’t believe me. Let’s conduct a simple thought experiment…SEX…Aha you felt something nipping at you just then….did you shift uneasily….SEX…There you felt it pinch at you again!

You see there is a conspiracy against you….and it’s all in your mind – that is because society has implanted so many things in that mind that you believe you have complete control over including the idea that you can trust yourself as you have full control over your thought processes.

That is why people who are brainwashed. Never ever believe they are brainwashed. As a necessary aspect of brainwashing requires the victim to FIRST believe his or her thoughts can only come from having full control over one’s mind.

That is why the very moment a man says – I trust myself completely and absolutely…I know, he doesn’t even know anything about himself let alone understand the breadth of that word – trust.

How can he?

As that means he will never see the need to ALWAYS interrogate his thought processes and even perceive the need to put his conclusions under the rigor of closer scrutiny…..to review….compare and contrast…winnow truth from propaganda….to leverage on the power of his intellect….only a person who doesn’t full trust his mind would ever understand the need for such precautionary measures….as he knows the mind is programmed by society and though this it sits on his shoulders and belongs to him, it is not ALWAYS in his service….not all the time, at least.

Like I said, it is, what it is….nothing more or less.’

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