Mahathir’s two minute instant mee called Karma

August 12, 2016

As you can all tell, I am not a big fan of that sour old man.

After all during his 22 year shift. He imposed his rule of despotism on Malaysia at the expense of everything sacred under the sun. He literally set up a banana republic dictatorship – to be nothing less than a complete dictator.

Anyone that got in his way…he bulldozed over.

He desecrated the institutions of democratic governance – judiciary, bar council, media, universities along with kicking out capable and honorable men and replaced them with his retinue of lackeys – so as to further his nefarious designs.

He radicalized politics along sectarian, religious and communal lines by dividing the three races so that they would be amenable to his crooked machinery of rule by fear.

He redefined Malay nationalism to a theoretical science to such a ridiculous extent that today most Malaysian youths can’t even string a simple sentence in English without coming across as a joke like him.

Sanctioned state inspired race politics and discrimination at the expense of meritocracy and filled it with parvenus and men who are no better than gangsters.

Raided land and business with unmitigated callousness from hard working folk under the guise of national development and handed it to his useless lackeys for a tuppence, who ran it all to the ground.

He even perverted the course of justice and threw one of his deputy ministers in jail.

Humiliated, silenced and taunted the father of Merdeka who eventually died of a broken heart just because he wanted to control everything and everyone.

Now in the final chapter of whatever that is still left of his tattered legacy….the bitter old man of a 1,000 biles finally realizes all that he has accomplished in his lifetime is to create the very monster that he is utterly powerless to destroy…it has finally come back full circle with a terrible vengeance to cause him sleepless nights in his lifetime.

I hope he finds resolution….I am glad that I am not him.


‘Be very careful how you treat others. As it will always come back. If you want to win or succeed…that’s perfectly natural. Only fight fairly or compete with the spirit of the sportsman – don’t dabble in trickery and deceit and arm twisting. That way even if you win, the other side will take his hat off and say, ‘I did my best, but he was a better man.’ Be a gentleman. Because once you open that box…then you can’t blame the other side for throwing out the rule book and when that pivot point is breached…anything and everything goes. If you want to be metaphysical and call it poetic justice or Karma, that you can. But for me, I much rather keep it simple and call it the law of cause and effect.’

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