How can Trump win?

August 17, 2016

Frequently in life, you don’t need ten bullet points to win hands down – all one needs to really do is to winnow it all down to one killer point or mother of reasons….and that by itself is usually enough to secure a decisive victory.


‘If Trump just focusses on the TPP. Trump wins by a landslide! To me it’s as simple as that. As for Hillary she doesn’t have a point that is why her campaign is all about Trump, and her spin doctors are trying very hard to make him appear as a mentally deranged loose canon that cannot be entrusted with power….more reason for Trump to deconstruct himself completely and try to fashion the rest of his campaign as an anti TPP effort. As Trump the man doesn’t seem to be able to sell very well….but someone who is really committed to junk the TPP will!’

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