No…I don’t think it’s ‘quite astonishing.’

August 18, 2016

What I do consider ‘quite astonishing’ however is how some ‘leaders’ actually believe it’s even possible and sensible to stop people from thinking and voicing out their valid opinions in this day and age in a timely manner…of course, these half baked leaders will supply all sorts of cockememe reasons for their new legislation….these people should consider doing mankind a great favor by stepping back into a time machine (please make it a one way ticket lah) journey back to the quaint olde days of candles, sail ships, slavery, hand written books and ivory dentures…now if that medieval attitude is not very very astonishing in this day and age…then I really don’t know what is!


‘Want to stop people from thinking and talking…just say so lah. No need to come up with cock stories of how this may influence people’s decision making process. If that were really true, then everyone from teachers to ministers in Singapore should be bubble warped and put into a sound proof chambers twelve hours a day….what kind of pariah dog logic might that be!’

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