My Boots

August 19, 2016

I’ve been getting a ton of mail concerning my boots – so here goes, it’s Danner, Fort Lewis 200 Grammes Gore Tex insulate…now before you rush off to place an order online.

This is a technical military spec zero nonsense kit…it’s something that you would really only wear under mission critical…not exactly something that I would recommend to the casual hiker or weekend Bukit Timah warrior. As it’s heavy and chunky….besides it’s very very pricey and you could just as well make do with a pair of budget Solomon’s or even Timberland.

So don’t go and waste money unnecessarily….

Due to the cost penalties and overkill factor…I seriously don’t recommend this pair of boots.

The only reason why I happen to have a pair is because I work in the field…that’s my office.

The other question is some of you (especially the perceptive) probably noticed it’s Gore Tex lined and you’re asking it’s already waterproofed treated…so why bother with dubbin.

Well the short answer is Gore Tex has an irritating expiry date…it’s hardly forever…as it tends to wear off eventually depending on frequency of use – in my case within six months…besides the first line of defense against water is the exposed leather, so that should ALWAYS be dubbed. Even then experience informs me there is no such thing as a waterproof boot…it doesn’t exist. All one can hope to do is mitigate by wearing technical socks, which in my opinion is a waste of $ – if you want 100% water repellant nothing beats a dedicated pair of Wellies…but the issue there is traction and fit and comfort.

So Dubbin always needs to be used.

Some frontier men recommend application should be sparing….but field experience informs me, one can never apply enough as leather tends to soak it up quite readily.

Does it interfere with breatheability…of course, but then ALL boots are hot when compared to slippers…so get use to it lah!

Hope this helps.

Keep walking.

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