Let Master Ben Lim die in dignity

August 20, 2016

In my book…the boy didn’t get charged. Neither did he stand trial or was found guilty…so he’s innocent.

That at least is how civilized and educated folk draw a straight line conclusion…I can’t comment on how pariahs determine guilt and innocence because experience informs me quite reliably for this inferior quality of men anything goes!

What’s the point of insinuating that master Ben did this or that in the lift with the girl….in the absence of a trial…all that is speculation, conjecture and not cross examined evidence – what does it really prove? What is the goal? Who benefits from all this?

Again I cannot comment on pariahs! Because they just take and run without ever bothering to interrogate the facts and evidence…that’s why they’re pariahs.

After all you’re not talking to one of your gullible robots who would readily lap up whatever gibberish you throw out…we all know, kids get sexually aroused for all sorts of crazy reasons…there is no malevolence there…no evil even…and certainly no presumption of guilt…to me, it’s just very much run of the mill part and parcel of growing pains….it just means they’re very human like you and me.

Again I can’t comment on pariahs…that other lowly and inferior category of men who confect all sorts of delusional ideas concerning their sobriety, probity, moral rectitude etc etc.

Like I said, they’re kids…compared to me Ben was probably quite well adjusted. I used to get a hard on whenever I looked at trees in the moment of youth….never fucked any them though, not in public parks at least…may have molested a few along with a couple of girls when we were playing ‘please show me yours and I might consider doing the same’ in the kiddies sandbox…what is the big deal?

Use your cheebai mentality lah, grow some brains and a set of guli’s while you are it…..after all it’s been such a very long wait for so very little that seems to raise more questions than supply answers!

Above all let sleeping dogs lie…this has been a tragedy in more ways than I care to elaborate. You have absolutely no idea how much I am holding back.

As for the coroner – he should stick ONLY to the facts of the case and not sully his reportage with unsubstantiated innuendos and spurious character assassination conjectures…because that is precisely what it is (I am so sorry to burst your bubble) when a boy is not charged…did not stand trial or even found guilty by a court of law….then by every definition of the law…he’s presumed to be innocent.

It is, what it is….doesn’t even matter what he admitted too…as kids admit to all sorts of things for 1,001 reasons…he could be scared…hungry…cold… or maybe he was just dying for a pee…that’s why they are different laws for juveniles and adults.

Besides the poor boy is dead…he can’t even defend his good name…as for his parents, they have the arduous task to find the courage and hope to go on, the best they can.

Try to be a gentlemen…try to be honorable…try always to do the right thing….try!


‘You want to cover your ass…that’s your bum wot, so it’s your business lah! But don’t do it at the expense of those who don’t have the means, opportunity or presence to defend themselves…in my book that is unacceptable – as even should you seem to ‘win’ – the serious men of this world will exchange looks of disapproval and probably label you a pariah…as your methods are devious, cunning and nefarious…that is another way of saying…you don’t know right from wrong…you cannot be entrusted to do the right and honorable thing!

Once the serious men of this world label you a pariah. You are well and truly finished…as they wouldn’t even talk to you. Without communication, nothing is possible and even the simplest things in life become laborious.

Please learn this early on in life to avoid complications.’

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