Rambutan Blues

August 20, 2016

Rambutans seem to be in full bloom…they’re two months late, but from the looks of it, they’ve finally made it safely to the other side despite the crippling drought.

Must have been due a spell of cold we have been experiencing from the East these past few weeks…Maybe….perhaps it’s the unusually cold morns….hard to say…who really knows.

The fruits this year are unusually small. The seed un characteristically larger than usual, the flesh meager and the skin tough like hide – this is nature’s way of preparing for the worse, she’s saying, ‘Be prepared for hard times ahead farmer…if you think it’s been hard. You have seen nothing yet.’

That’s how it is when one knows how to talk to trees…they tell you things.

Nature never lies…she’s not like man who likes to hide behind a false front and pretend to be someone whose he’s not. When the going gets tough…she produces more seeds to guarantee the survival of her species…it’s a very matter of fact thingy for nature to be so straightforward about the whole business of survival. She’s never ashamed to stake a claim on her right to exist in this planet under her own terms.

Man I reckon can learn a lot from trees…..if only we just still our minds and prick our ears to hear what they have to say.’


‘Rambutan is a medicinal gift to the tribesmen – when the skin of rambutan is dried, it can be boiled to cure dysentery and lower a high fever. Whole rambutans can rid the gut of parasites and it’s good for a spot of the runs. Deep in the jungle, young tribes women would dare young braves to pluck the highest rambutan fruits when they are in season…the tribes people believe when these the seeds of these fruits are dried for four days and pounded into a fine powder, all it takes a tea spoon mixed with honey and water to render the complexion youthful and supple.’

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