August 24, 2016

Whenever fear comes to you. In whatever shape and form…do not deny it. That is to say, never try to run away from it, by trying to reason or negotiate your way out of the grip of fear.

Only children do that…remain calm and very still.

Instead observe this dark force….watch the sum of all your fears carefully as it coils around your heart and mind like a serpent….be mindful of how it canals thru your mind, body and spirit strangling everything….don’t stop it. Or the magic spell will be broken…just observe it all.

Just bear witness to fear..do this quietly with a still mind with no preconceived ideas about the past, present or future.

Do not try to deny fear. As when you do this, it is like adding petrol to fire…..just observe and be mindful WHAT it is doing to your mind, body and spirit.

Above all do not allow your mind to run helter skelter….here there and everywhere….learning to do this will enable you to go into the very source of your fear and soon without you even realizing it…you will be at one with it and that is when fear not longer exist. As it is replaced by complete understanding.


‘Today I received an anonymous phone call. The caller told me that I had pissed off very powerful landowners and that I should be very careful as since I live all alone in the wild….I am a very easy target.

I told the man over the other side in a very calm voice, ‘I don’t fear death…I went on to share with this person who was trying to intimidate me…after all…each and everyone of us have to go sooner or later – what does it matter whether it is in a hospital bed surrounded by loved one’s or in the field on a moonless night gripping a blood stained parang….it is the same thing…we all have to step on the same bus that will take us on the journey over the other side… is that not true?….after all if I die defending my lands and my right to exist under my own terms…it is a very wonderful way to go for a frontier man.’

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