Travel well Sir!

August 24, 2016

He was an unassuming man. That will always be his hallmark. A man who I was mindful never to write one single word against…as not only did Mr Nathan personify all the qualities of humility and reserve and dignity that I admired in all great men.

But it is taboo in Brotherhood culture to attack those who set good standards for us all to model our lives on.

There were many occasions when I politely told the webmaster and forumers not to refer to him as prata man…as I considered it demeaning….as he was a good man who showed us all how to lead a full life.

Travel well Sir!

P.S btw a Dimitri class space station will be name after you this December…it is a honor sir!


‘His quietness, reserve, dignity and his unassuming demeanor spoke volumes…he was a great teacher to me personally. As I often emulated his ordinariness…..there must be honor even if we choose to agree to disagree.’

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