Please don’t send me any more shoes

August 30, 2016


My hobby of dressing shoes is in danger of turning out to be a full time business commitment…that’s really not what I had in mind….now I have two options. Firstly to increase the price of my services by 500% – 1,000% to limit the number of customers, which I will never ever do.

As I started this service ONLY because I wanted the masses to be able to enjoy this service at an affordable price.

Or alternatively only focus entirely on the Japanese bespoke market.

I have decided to opt for the latter. As the volume there is quite manageable and the people who I regularly deal go well back at least 20 to 25 years!

I am so sorry if some of you have to wait three to possibly four months…I will finish off whatever backlog I have promised to finish. If I don’t do this within the agreed period, my services will be rendered free of charge. You don’t even have to pay for postage…I eat it all up from top to bottom.

Meanwhile it is with great regret that I will have to suspend all future orders.

My humble shop is officially closed for the time being.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. The miscalculation is entirely mine.


‘My hope is that I have opened up a new sartorial dimension for some of you. Especially those of you who are experiencing this for the very first time. Unfortunately, there is really just one of me and there’s not nearly enough to go around, especially when one considers dressing up a shoe can take up anywhere between six to twelve hours.

This I imagine will always be a very exclusive and expensive service….for reasons that I have shared with many of you. My hope is that this will prompt many of you to try your hand at dressing shoes yourself and should you find it to be your calling then please call on me. I will be happiest to share whatever little knowledge I have in this area to assist you in your learning curve. Thank you.’

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