The Shah of Iran taught me the importance of being well dressed

September 2, 2016


In the 60’s and early 70’s when Nixon regularly dressed like a used car salesman. LKY looked like a ice cream promoter…buy one can get one free some more. Kissinger definitely came across like a cheap undertaker peddling budget caskets. Khrushchev was the man who suffered from a seriously confused wardrobe. One moment he looked like a circus ringmaster. The next a mambo band leader. As for Mao. He was content to amble around the world stage in pajamas.

During this period when so many world leaders were going around wearing lamp shades and curtains over their heads along with inflicting pain on so many people. The Shah of Iran was the undisputed sartorial king or kings. He could always be counted to provide deep and spirited relief and hope to so many that the world was still a sane place ruled by leaders who were always respectful to people and institutions by always putting his best foot forward.

The late Shah of Iran was perhaps the first world leader who first weaponized on the power of elegance as a strategic pivot to propel his country into the world stage….the world had never seen anything like him since then.

Today a grave omission we regularly commit is to take power dressing for granted…but it’s only when we familiarize ourselves with the various decisive turning points in world history that we are able to understand – why successful leaders go thru the trouble of dressing well to enable them to put their best foot forward.


‘Whether you want to land that dream job, get that girl or weasel your way out of a cancer of the wallet lawsuit, or start a worldwide cult, the way you dress and present yourself to your audience will ALWAYS play a disproportionately major role.

I don’t want to mention names. As I genuinely want to make an effort to be polite this morning…but we all know who are the people who regularly let us all down…we all know! Don’t we?

It’s not as if it happens occasionally…it’s every single time. These saboteurs constantly make a fool of themselves and US!, by wearing suits from places where clothes go to die. They wear shirts that looked as if they’r baked and ties that cause people migraine attacks…time and time they do this to all of us.

It’s not as if they lack money…not at all, they don’t mind spending ten thousand bucks on a Lord of the Rings plastic helmet or limited edition elf sword. But when it comes to their wardrobe…they can’t even wear a matching pair of socks for a high powered meeting.

If their dressing habits are benign…I don’t mind at all. But time and again, we have to send a rescue team to fix their mess!

I give up lah! From today onwards. Do what makes you happy lah!

As many of you know. I have taken a vow to renounce my evil ways…so I don’t want to ever go down that road again…please from now onwards please do whatever you all like to do!

You all see that door! I am walking right thru it.

Only understand this! You may not like this reality. You may even harbor the believe you can negotiate around it like how you tell others – you much prefer broccoli to cauliflower…Only remember this: those who succeed are not those who complain about “the way it is” or “the way it should be.” They’re the ones who accept the world for what it is and use their understanding of that reality to their advantage.’

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