On Ignorance

September 6, 2016

A great deal of effort and intelligence can be invested in ignorance when there is a need (real or imagined) to preserve the status quo.


‘What people do not really know and only think they know. Usually they hold on more stubbornly than the truth itself – in reality they are not interested in the truth. Or maybe the truth is a liability to them hence they are least interested in collaborating information to derive at an accurate conclusion. As since so much of their identity, self worth and ego has already been invested in their manufactured lies – they have to support it even if it means going down with the ship.

When a man understands this….he will know when to bow out gracefully. If he doesn’t know of this…he will dedicate all of himself in an act of futility to attempt to bring light to the ignorance.

Truth is very cruel and brutal. As no man can actually cure another of ignorance. All they can really hope to accomplish is to demonstrate their version of the truth….only the ignorant mind itself can cure itself….but if it is unwilling, there is nothing one can and should do.’

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