A puppy called ‘Highway’

September 8, 2016


I found her standing listlessly beside her mother who was run over and very dead on the highway. I decided to adopt her and brought her back to my plantation.

She was guarded at first. But soon she was running around the vast grounds with the rest of the dogs.

I may not be able to save all the dogs of this world….but this one I can step into her life and make it better and happier.

Her name is ‘Highway.’


‘A man…any man for the matter. Doesn’t matter what the degree of is iron clad character or moral rectitude can very easily descend to the depths of hell in the wild.

Yes…the jungle has a very unusual way of whirling itself into a maroon skull of a man…I imagine – I’ve seen decent and reasonable men tear at each other’s throats over half bar of chocolate…stared into the very darkness of man….it is truly a frightening sight.

Before the mighty jungle man always believes he can hold his own….in the beginning at least.

As the expedition trudges along…the jungle nibbles away at him and just around the time when man begins to grow weary of niffty tricks like how to wear his underwear four days in a row with just one wash by using all sides including turning it inside out. When machines give way to walking, shoelaces rot, clothes disintegrate and bad food and dysentery ravages his once healthy flesh turning him into someone who he rather not look at the mirror. That is just around the time when his mind will cave right in – finally the whimpering soul realizes how so very small he is in the greater scheme of things….how utterly insignificant he is and above all how crumbly his hold is on the very idea of humanity and remaining gainfully human.

During one moment in the failed Suriman expedition – one poignant scene stood out from all others. It was just around the time when no one asked any longer when was the next airdrop. Our batteries had long given out – when the violin played in the wild. The score was so haunting and stood out starkly from the barrenness of the litany of green that seemed to go on and on forever like a solitary tongue of light…suddenly we all remembered who we all were. Even more forceful was the idea of how it had the power to deliver us all back from the depths of unimaginable hell to the finality of the realization…we were all still men despite the hardships of our travails and not animals.

That if you must know is how delicate and crumbly our idea of humanity and remaining gainfully human can and will always be….if humanity is not nourished…it will die…if only more people know of this simple truism. I believe they will be kinder to themselves and others. The world I am sure will be a better and kinder place.’

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