Striving to be a person of few words

September 9, 2016

My business rivals are all clueless as to what’s my next move. Since I have been throwing out so many false leads and disinformation galore it’s virtually impossible for anyone to fathom my next move…..this has not only created tension, anxiety and nervousness. But it has also created very fertile conditions for all sorts of wild rumors to take hold.

Recently my business rivals sent a group of businessmen to find out more about my designs. During the meeting, many statements were deliberately made to gauge my reaction. On every single occasion, there was hardly or no discernible reaction on my part.

On the rare occasions when I was either pressed to comment or respond…all I could ever manage was….how interesting.

During the meeting I could tell when they all realized they were making very little head way to beacon out the murk…they were all very frustrated.

That is good…very good. Of course….I will have to wait a while longer for the confusion and anxiety to heighten further. When the time is right. I will strike like a cobra…again that is.


‘When you’re outnumbered and surrounded from all sides. It pays dividends to assume the demeanor of a man of very words and even inactions. As when one just remain still…one is like a mountain.

The mountain does not move. But that does not necessarily translate into weakness. As that which does not move is a constraint that ALL others have to work their way around – like going around a mountain – and when one assumes this strategy it is the highest acme of the art of war. When one takes to the Dao of the mountain – you are not putting yourself into situations where things might get complicated and confrontational simply because you do not move, and when you are known for being quiet it’s quite impossible for your business rivals to read your designs accurately….so you can only leverage on steatlhiness and this will give you the ace card of surprise.

Masking one’s motivation and goal is jugular in business. If one is not able to do this….one will be an open book and can only be vulnerable and powerless.

Never let anyone know what is in your mind…..never. Always be a man of very few words.’

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